Hyping Female Orgasm

Many female orgasms that aren’t all that exciting,
let alone awe inspiring or life changing.

The notion of an underwhelming orgasm goes
against everything we think we know about sex,
but climaxes that aren’t particularly explosive
are much more common than we think.

“The ego boost of watching a man get turned on by my body,
the feeling of skin-to-skin contact, the pleasure of
having someone celebrate and admire my vulva.

I make a distinction between my sex drive and orgasm drive.
When I have sex, I require pleasure, but I don’t need orgasm.”

Orgasmic Meditation

She sees herself as leading the slow-sex movement.
One that places a near-exclusive emphasis on women’s
pleasure. Love, romance, flirtation aren’t required.

She teaches a practice called Orgasmic Meditation.
It’s a way that any man can bring out the orgasm
in any woman, in just fifteen minutes.

Orgasm for her is not the moment of climax.
It’s the entire experience of sex.
It’s the way sexual potency is a source of power,
an entry point to joyful living, a gateway
to a deeper connection with your lover.

It’s not sex. It’s not even foreplay.
After 15 minutes, you get up and leave.
It’s just what she says it is: meditation.
But because we’re talking about orgasm,
you do it with your body.

Or rather, you do it with the woman’s body
because the man remains fully clothed.
She removes her pants. Lies down. Spreads her legs.
From there, he does everything. Looking. Stroking. Talking.

A commune dedicated to men and women creating
“the orgasm that exists between them”
sounds like the ultimate California satire.

Naked Older Women

Sex Action

from Basic Films on Vimeo.

Intimate Massage

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