Why We Watch Porn

I Want the Nymphet

I want the nymphet

The Fag-End of Porn


Girls Rouse Each Other

girls rouse each other

Fucking Fantasy

fucking fantasy

Porn Satisfies Our Fantasies

The same reason anyone enjoys watching a piece of media: to be stimulated. Often times, pornography will reflect what society sees as weird or forbidden, like tying up a stranger, making love in the open air, doing it with multiple people at the same time, or other things that would get them kicked out of a normal environment.

Most would never dare risk such things exploring their desires, so pornography gives them an avenue to do so with minimal risk(I say minimal because there’s always the off chance of someone walking in, which happens to all who partake of the media at some point).

It can make the people involved into objects and reinforce any notions the viewer has about sex and relationships, but so can traditional media, often in just as an egregious fashion as porn, if not worse.

The simple answer is that it feels good, and it is a substitute for actual sex with another person. People are compelled to masturbate because of the sexual tension that builds up inside them, and they want to release it.

Males, of course, have semen and sperm that accumulates, and needs to be released once in a while. Because it is an instinct to mate and reproduce, if a person is not able to, they want to at least go through the motions in some way.

This is vicarious participation, one can pretend they are involved in the action of porn while getting their sexual tensions released.

Porn is a way of expressing your sexual desires in a simple way. It allows people to explore fantasies that are hard or impossible to experience in reality. While most people prefer partner sex, this takes a lot of work and people aren’t always up for that.

We are programmed to do sex so that we reproduce and assure our race doesn’t go extinct. Because we are programmed to like it, we like watching it as well!

Maybe for you the reason is that you are unmarried and don’t have any partner, but your brain and body desires for it. So you satisfy yourself by watching porn.


Because it is so much fun to add to playtime with yourself or with your partner… A hot and sexy visual is absolutely amazing. It’s one of my great enjoyments in life.

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