The Cock Crows

Dick Pics: If I Show You Mine…

No Dick Pics Here

The sharing of genital images – colloquially known
as “dick pics” – has become a widespread phenomenon.

What are men’s motivations for sending
unsolicited images of their genitalia?


The most frequently reported motivation
was a transactional mindset. The sender
hoped to receive images in return

Men also hoped women would be sexually excited.

Men who send unsolicited dick pics have
higher levels of narcissism and hostile sexism.

big-bottomed girl.jpeg

The phallus and corresponding phallic imagery have
long been used to represent both the male sex in
general and a variety of traditionally masculine
themes such as strength, power, and virility.

From ancient Roman graffiti to the undersides of
school desks found in the classrooms of school-aged boys,
the masculine obsession with showcasing the penis h
as been evident since early homo erectus.

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