Casual Sex

In Praise of Casual Sex

Casual sex is fucking great! I’m very all or nothing,
If I’m not in a relationship I’m having lots of hookups.

I’m very proud of having been well ‘slutty’
in my life because it’s so liberating.
I cannot stand when people think the only
environment in which you can have good sex
is in a relationship.

I’ve got into hooking-up because it’s so much less complicated.

You’ve set the boundaries for why you’re there,
you’re maybe going for a drink first but there’s
no pretence or confusion.

I find myself hooking up with a few people
every month, usually a regular casual sex thing.

It’s led to some very fun experiences and has
allowed me to explore what I like and don’t like,
without the pressure of a relationship.

I don’t really have any problems with the people
I sleep with because I’m very clear about my boundaries.

I think they come when you haven’t drawn the
lines or if you’re going on dates and shagging.

Sex on the First Date

Let’s strip sexual activity of all its
damaging implications and bring it back
to what it is: just sex.

We’ve done the research and here it is,
straight-up: there’s nothing wrong with
having sex on the first date.

Young Courtesans

We’re not going to think less of you or
judge you. We’re not going to slut-shame you.
And you shouldn’t feel apologetic or guilty.

If you’re feeling hot and you want it,
then you should have absolutely no
qualms about going for it.

The Pick-up

My best sexual experience was one of my very first.
She was a year older than me, a junior when I was
a sophomore in high school, and she knew I had a
mad crush on her even though she was way out of my league.

One day she saw me walking in the courtyard outside school.
She’d just finished field hockey practice and out of the blue
she offered me a ride home. That was enough of a shock.

You can imagine how stunned I was at the first stoplight,
when she reached across and started massaging my crotch.
I was rock hard in a millisecond.

A few minutes later, with her hand still between my legs,
she drove down an alley and pulled over.

Then she unbuckled her seat belt, leaned over,
and unzipped my pants. She whipped out my cock,
and then licked her lips slowly, coating them
with her precious saliva.

I watched, in disbelief, as her perfect ponytail
head bobbed up and down on my lap. Every vessel
in my body was on fire with pleasure.

Feeling like a champion, I screamed ‘thank you!’
as I came. Fifteen years later, I’m still reliving
that scene regularly in my imagination,
about every other time I masturbate.

OK Kids. Get It On

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