The Cock Crows

Is a Bigger Cock Better?

Penis Enlargement Delusion

We’re always being told bigger is better;
huge houses, supersized meals, skyscrapers
…and penises. Porn sites boast countless
ads promising “big penis secrets” that
“keep her begging for more.”

Is Bigger Better

It should come as no surprise that there are various methods of penis enlargement (vacuum pump, stretching with weights, pills, supplements, ointments, creams, surgery). But they do not work and carry many health risks.

Despite the implication that a larger dong will make sex partners happier, male-bodied folk worry far more about their size than their partners do.

Men listed penis size among their top body concerns along with height and weight. If you’re self-conscious about your trouser snake, fear not: we’re here to tell you how little size really matters.

The average American penis measures 5.6 inches long when erect. Of course, schlongs differ greatly in appearance aside from size. Different hues, shapes, curves, circumcisions and the shape of balls create a diverse population of pork swords.

Among those are the micropenises, which measure two standard deviations from the average international erect penis size (less than 2 inches). But smaller-than-average skin flutes by no means doom their owners to a sexless life because the majority of women — 60 percent — don’t even care about penis size.

Owners of huge lap rockets might think that their size makes up for lack of skill elsewhere, but the opposite is true. Slamming a 9-incher into a booty or vag without any precision or careful stimulation can be underwhelming or even painful.

That third leg won’t make any magic if you don’t know how to use it! Meanwhile, smaller meat popsicles become more conscious of size and employ tongues, fingers, toys, fists and forearms to increase pleasure.

The ideal love muscle flexes along with other parts of the body and brain. Besides, many things rank higher than the size of those heat-seeking moisture missiles! It turns out that the person matters, too.

Of course, some people do have preferences regarding size — that filled-up feeling can be imperative to a good romp in the hay for some. But there’s no need to get a complex about size. A man with a small penis will probably devote more time to giving his partner an orgasm by any other means. She’ll probably prefer it.

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