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Is Male Circumcision Genital Mutilation?


Circumcision Makes the Penis Head Less Sensitive

There are a few differences between circumcised and uncircumcised (aka cut and uncut) penises. Circumcision is the surgical removal of the foreskin.

The nuances of having a foreskin can be approached from the perspective of the penis owner or partner. For the penis owner, an uncircumcised penis requires a tiny amount of extra work to keep clean.

Oils, skin cells and other debris can collect underneath the foreskin. This is called smegma, and while circumcised guys (and gals too) also produce it, uncut guys should take care to clean it out from between the foreskin and penis. Warm water is fine for this; no special soaps or supplies needed.

There is a strong argument against circumcision in men. There can be a reduction in sexual sensitivity post-circumcision. From this standpoint, many doctors will not perform the act. They consider it to be genital mutilation. We are shocked to hear of clitoral circumcision but consider male circumcision to be ‘hygienic’.

The foreskin is rich in nerve endings and helps reduce friction during sex. When a man has been circumcised the unprotected head is desensitized. Circumcised men are getting less out of sex.

Penile sensation and sexual satisfaction are decreased.

The uncircumcised man has thousands of fine touch receptors and other highly erogenous nerve endings—many of which are lost to circumcision.

This means an inevitable reduction in sexual sensation experienced by circumcised males. Intercourse is less satisfying for both partners when the man is circumcised.

Women who are unused to an uncircumcised man should try pulling the foreskin up over the head and kissing or licking inside it.

Slowly retract it down the shaft with your hand and follow it with your mouth. Start slow; just like it sometimes takes a little time for a vagina to get wet, sometimes it takes a foreskin a little time to retract comfortably over the head of a penis.

A little lube might help. Or try letting your partner take the lead for a while; have him touch himself while you focus on other areas until the foreskin is comfortably retracted.

The foreskin frequently pulls back on its own during erection, but if it doesn’t, gently pull it back using the above techniques before putting on a rubber.

If the foreskin remains over the head, this increases the likelihood of condom slippage. More lube inside the condom can reduce discomfort (and increase pleasure) if the foreskin doesn’t retract easily.

During penetration, the foreskin adds a little bit of girth to the base and shaft of the penis. It may also reduce friction (which may or may not be a plus) by gliding up and down the shaft during intercourse.

Bottom line? An uncut dick is just like a cut dick, in the sense that there are many different ways to enjoy and pleasure it.

Women should ask what their partners like best. Pay attention to the reaction you get when you do what you do. As with any partner and any activity, good communication is the key to making sure your skills will cut it.

Circumcision is a hunan rights issue. It’s unethical. After reviewing 40 years of research, it has been determined by the American Academy of Pediatrics that circumcision has no medical benefit. It is not your penis, it is not your right.

Western liberals are up in arms when religious extremists want to cut a baby girl’s genitalia. People talk all the time of female genital mutilation and how appalling it is. How is cutting off a baby boy’s foreskin any different? It’s still mutilation and it has no purpose.

If you were to strap down an intact adult male and cut the foreskin of his penis off against his will, we would all it torture.

We would be appalled and call it inhumane. We’d be protesting in the streets. So why is it acceptable to do this to an infant who can’t speak up? Every single circumcision is done without the consent of the person it will impact forever.

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Interesting to note that the porn industry prefers circumcised genitalia. Tidier and more photogenic

Agreed! As a male who was circumcised at birth, I believe that I had my right to fully pleasurable sex removed against my will. Abuse by the ignorant a**holes who advised my parents.

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