Better Porn

Is Pornography Entertainment?

It depends on the condition you’re in.
Whether you’re a liberal or a libertine.

Are you someone who lives in a way that isn’t moral,
having sexual relationships with many people?

Time to lose the work pornography. How about
sexual entertainment? SEXTENT

The Liberal Bias

hat in general separates the erotic from
the pornographic is an attitude toward sex
and human sexuality which can be inferred
from looking at the finished product.

If the subjects are portrayed in a manner that focuses
on their inner and outer radiance, their fleshy vitality,
and the work itself seems to manifest a passionate and
powerful affirmation of life and the pleasures of this
world, then I think we’re talking erotic.

If, however, the subjects seem reduced to so many body parts and
any beauty appears subordinate to the overriding purpose of arousal,
a liberal would label it pornography.

Also seen as porn if the sex depicted seems
depersonalized, controlling, non-mutual, devoid
of fun or play solely seems about “getting off”.

If the sex acts pictured contain not a hint of
human caring or emotional connectedness to them.

All that would definitely secure the work’s
place in the realm of pornography.

The Libertine View

If the sex shown is degrading, disturbing
or breaks the taboos of decency, then the
liberal will turn away.

Pornography certainly has benefits. It helps
people become comfortable with a particular
fantasy they or their partner may have.

Pornography can reboot a couple’s sex life. It can give you
ideas, or help you get in touch with what turns you on.

Pornography can reboot a couple’s sex life. It can give you
ideas, or help you get in touch with what turns you on.

Porn can deliver you there at best, or turn you off
you at worst. It all depends on what you choose to watch.

With the availability of porn online, it’s possible to sample
enough porn quickly that you don’t have to watch wall-to-wall
hard-core sex if it’s plot driven erotica that appeals to you.
You’re only a victim of bad porn if you let yourself be.

And a word about porn addiction. How can it be? Unlike
a chemical substance, like opiates, you can’t become
“addicted” to porn. You can become a compulsive viewer.

In this case, it’s not the porn that’s the problem;
it’s the compulsive personality. If it weren’t porn
being used to act out one’s compulsive nature,
it might be food or some other behavior.

The 18th century Enlightenment has come to mean
reason, rationality, science and humanism,

The Marquis de Sade, an unstoppable libertine,
took Immanuel Kant’s categorical insistence that
humans must do their duty and turned it on its head.

True morality, for Sade, entailed following your darkest
and most destructive passions to their farthest possible
ends, even at the expense of other human life.

From Sade we have Sadism. The whips are for beginners.
His early ‘120 Days of Sodom’, included details of slicings,
fractures, immolations, exsanguinations and death.

Porn Is like
A Fantasy World

It’s Only Make-Believe

Clearly, porn shows sex manufactured
for the camera, not sex in real life.

This not only applies to porn.
Advertising works on the same principle.
Both porn and ads draw us into a fantasy world.

Commercials for cars look sexy, seem bigger than
they really are, promising immediate gratification.
Porn does the same.

Porn is like Hollywood. Not only do the studios hire
actors with body types that conform to particular
ideals, the majority films reproduce stereotypical
views about how men and women should interact sexually.

Teenagers need help in understanding female
pleasure matters too. It isn’t an easy concept
to sell in a culture that’s encouraged teen
girls to see fellatio as way to avoid pregnancy.

It’ll probably come as no surprise to you that the sex we see in porn is not an exact representation of real life. But aside from looking different, porn sex can also feel a lot different from real sex, at least according to a number of porn stars.

One porn star describes real-life sex as more “flowing” because you don’t have to stop to worry about how things look on camera. Lily Ivy agrees that “you stop a lot during porn sex.”

Another difference? “Sometimes you have to have sex with people you don’t like, and you still have to get it up and be stoked. It’s totally different to have sex for work because there’s rarely more than physical attraction for your partner, if even that.

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