Sexual Appetite

Is Your Sex Life in a Rut?

Same Old Sex Routine?

You aren’t imagining things and you’re not alone.
Women start to notice a fizzling out of desire
after living with their partner for a couple of years.

It happens to men, too, but women’s levels
seem to plunge more precipitously).

“He’s a sweet guy but the problem is that he
likes to stick to a particular sex routine.

Kissing, a bit of foreplay, and then missionary.
As a result, sometimes I orgasm, sometimes I don’t.

Sex with him leaves me wanting fresh moves.”

Do you orgasm more from clitoral stimulation
or from vaginal penetration? Next time you
have sex let him watch you masturbate.

Change Your Dildo


Replace Your
Pocket Rocket

More than half of women aged 16 to 60 use vibrators,
so it won’t come as a shock to hear that regular use
of these happy tools can make it easier to get in the mood.

Women who had used a vibrator in the past month reported
significantly higher levels of desire and arousal than
those who hadn’t. What you may not realize is that the
type of toy matters for more than the obvious reasons.

Some contain high concentrations of phthalates, industrial
chemicals that make plastic soft and pliable, which has
been associated with serious health problems, including
lower testosterone levels (which may affect sex drive).

This is not the kind of thing you want to have in
the vulnerable genital tract, so if you think your
little friend may have phthalates, roll a condom over it.

Or consider upgrading to one made of medical-grade silicone,
glass or metal.

Here’s a Handful

Here’s a Handful powered by YouPorn.

Searching for Porn


Top of the list is teen sex (actual post-pubescent
adolescents) with 81,700,000 web pages.

It isn’t possible to assess the number of monthly
searches but Google Trends reports that juvenile
sex terms were the most popular of all requests.

The Last Days
of American Crime

Possibly the most distracting elements of the film
is the self-congratulation. Hey, guys, aren’t we awesome!

The gritty guitar riffs, the dubstep sex scenes,
the constant gunfire and the insistence that every
explosion be in slow motion just makes the movie
feel like it’s high-fiving itself.

All of it is so forced and unnatural that you’ll
find yourself in a perpetual state of rolling eyes.

There are hardly any scenes that escape this.
The the dialogue sounds like it was written by
a middle schooler who just found out what profanity was.
The artificial coolness makes the dialogue look even worse.

Sex Drugs
Drum & Base

Sensual Girl Erotic Dubstep from Piki Maemoun on Vimeo.

Dubstep Tease

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