Object of Desire

I’ve Got a Crush on You

A burning desire to be with someone
you find very attractive and sensual.
You’re overwhelmed with passionate feelings.
Crushes are whirlwinds. Enjoy them while they last.

Crushing on a Guy

What we all go through when an overwhelming crush
comes along is a seismic shift in brain chemistry.

Like a
Heroin High

Mapping the brain activity of love sick-people overwhelmed
by a new and powerful attraction you found the early stages
of sexual arousal make you feel higher than a heroin high.

Hooked on Dopamine

The brain unleashes large amounts of dopamine,
which can lead to extreme energy, euphoria,
and obsessive thinking.

Crushing on a guy you work with or see regularly
is like being a chocoholic with a piece of
chocolate cake always in front of you.

You’ve feel a very strong and romantic emotion,
similar to love, towards you, but it’s probably

Teenagers often get crushes, very often on someone
they have only seen but never spoken to.

Sometimes they get a crush on a movie star or
a pop star. Adults don’t tend to get crushes,
it’s a disease of young people.

Get a Grip on
Your Romanticism

When crushing on a guy, the first question to ask
yourself is ‘Why now?’ Crushes often pop up when
we’re bracing ourselves against change.

They’re a sign that you need to assess what’s
going on, real or imagined, in your life,
and start sorting things out.

There Is No
Prince Charming

Crushes are often a mid-crisis coping mechanism.
Life isn’t easy, and we often believe that if our
partner really loved us he’d make everything OK,
because in the romantic phase of the relationship he seemed to.

But you need to have realistic expectations.
Accept the mini crises but don’t expect men to
have the solutions. Get out of your disnified
world. There is no Prince Charming.

Hipster Girls

How to Be a
Teenage Hipster Girl

You see her, sitting by the window of a funky café, writing poetry and sipping black coffee. Or in the line to one of the coolest underground clubs. Or strolling down Brooklyn, smoking a cigarette. She’s a hipster, though she’ll never admit it, and you want to be just like her. If you want to know how to do it, just stay cool and follow these steps.

Rock the “just got out of bed” look. One main aspect about a hipster’s style is her ability to look like she stylishly rolled out of bed and threw on the first ensemble she found.

Though you shouldn’t actually try to do this, you should try to go for a look that makes it look like you didn’t spend hours trying to pick the perfect outfit but that you just threw it together at the last minute — even if that’s far from true. Here are some ways to make it look like you just rolled out of bed:

Don’t spend hours styling your hair or it will be too obvious that you put care into your looks.

Don’t spend hours doing your makeup, either, or it’ll look like you put too much effort into your looks again.

Don’t spend too much time making sure your outfit is “matchy matchy” — the colors can go together, but it shouldn’t look too neat or perfect.

Don’t wear too many articles of clothing that are obviously new.

Shop like a hipster

If you want to shop like a hipster, the more pricy stores that you can check out are American Apparel, Urban Outfitters, and Anthropologie. But if you really want to look like a female hipster, try raiding your mother’s (or your grandmother’s!) old wardrobe, finding gems at garage sales, or shopping at thrift stores to get that perfect hipster look.

Many female hipsters have a more quirky sense of style, looking more tomboyish than super girly.

You can also go to stores like Walmart or Target and find plain items that don’t look cool, but which are so uncool as to be cool all over again.

You can also rip, tear, or add patches to previously un-hip items to dress them up.

Do you have a pile of clothes you haven’t worn in years collecting dust in the back of your closet? If so, see if you can rescue any of them and make them cool all over again in a retro way.

Never call yourself a hipster. Hipsters come in all shapes and forms and they all want to be unique and cool. Never ever call yourself a hipster, you’ll look and sound like a poser. If anyone asks if you are, say no. Or walk away and act like you don’t know what they’re talking about or you can act awkward and change the subject.

You can even roll your eyes or get angry if someone calls you a hipster.

Avoid the mainstream like the plague. If you really want to be a hipster, then you have to reject mainstream culture and work on finding your own, more independent interests.

That means playing bocce with your friends in the park instead of watching the Super Bowl, learning how to make your own tahini instead of going to Burger King, and never listening to any mainstream radio stations.

Even if you secretly love Beyonce, Lady Gaga, or Britney Spears (gasp!), you can’t talk about them in public.
Most hipsters adopt an eco-friendly and healthy eating lifestyle, so no more going to The Olive Garden, McDonald’s, or Pizza Hut — no matter how badly you crave it.

Don’t act like you care. Even if you’re really upset because your friend has hurt your feelings, or you’re really excited because you found out that the cute guy in your math class with the thick-framed glasses has a big crush on you, you have to learn how to control your emotions.

A slight frown or a slight smile should be the most that you can muster. You don’t have to be unfriendly, but you should avoid waving wildly, giving loud hugs, or openly falling into a crying jag in public.

To a hipster, everything is “pretty cool” or “just okay” — your emotional spectrum shouldn’t be too wide.

Rolling your eyes, looking at the floor, or languidly checking your phone is a great way to look like you don’t care.

And try not to crack up, no matter how funny something is — go for a quick laugh, a chuckle, or even just say “that’s funny” without cracking a smile.

Go heavy on the sarcasm

If you want to be a true hipster, then you have to learn not to take things at face value and to use a winning and wry sarcasm to express even the most basic thoughts.

If it’s pouring rain, you can say, “I think I’ll go for a jog” in a flat tone that may make people laugh or at least snicker. Be sarcastic to your girlfriend as well as to any guys who come your way, even if they try to ask you out.

If you manage your sarcasm the right way, people will be charmed and amused by you. Just don’t overdo it, or people will feel like you don’t take anything seriously.

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