Cunt: A Powerful, Beautiful, Precious Object

The source of all life, pleasure and beauty.
At least it was until Puritans made it shameful.
That’s why the word so taboo in Western culture.

Your Kitty Needs
Plenty of Fresh Air

Think about the countless hours you spend
with a scrap of cotton clinging to your labia.

Do you only remove your underwear
when you’re about to shower?

Are you really spending almost
all your life wearing underwear?
If so, ask yourself why?

Stop wearing underwear all fucking day
and let the kitty breathe, especially at night.

Tasty Cunt

Cunt isn’t a slur but a vulgar insult.
Although it is associated with misogyny,
it’s nothing like nigger or any other
rightly stigmatized racist epithet.

It was never a commonly used tool for oppression.
The history of cunt shows us the word itself
holds no real power, unlike the people
who object so passionately to its usage.

Swollen Labia

There’s a lot of stigma around vaginas and genitalia.
Girls don’t want to discuss it. It’s a taboo subject.

You think more about your body in your teens.
Things are changing, there’s hair and stuff like that.

It was good to see a doctor and find out
there was nothing wrong with my labia.

What is normal and sexually desirable is being
skewed by a modern culture that promotes
an unrealistic minimalist vulva as the ideal.

Typically, these are images in which the inner
folds of skin surrounding the vagina, the labia
minora, aren’t visible, when in real life,
in half of women they are.

What’s of greatest concern is that these unrealistic
views of what is normal also appears to be making
even young girls anxious about how they look.

Perfect Pussy

When the pussy is wet and if it wants to be penetrated,
try putting one or two fingers all the way in and
gently (but noticeably) put pressure up, towards
the stomach, and then very slowly pull out.

Ask the receiver to let you know which areas feel good
so you can identify where they craving stimulation.

As the pussy continues to be turned on,
as there’s more and more stimulation,
different parts are going to feel more pleasure.

Deeper areas of the pussy are going to be more
receptive to being stimulated

The ruler is something I do every time.
When I first penetrate a pussy I want
to know if she wants it deep, or shallow,
or maybe no penetration at all.

It’s a really helpful way of allowing the
receiver to ask for what they want as it
opens up the door to communication.”

The Gash

If you’ve ever heard a slang term for a vagina used
as an insult, try looking at it in rainbow-color bubble
letters and it may just lose its negative connotations.

That’s the goal of “Color Up Next Tuesday,” a coloring book
by London art director and illustrator Beki Reilly that
intentionally has the abbreviation “C.U.N.T.”

Its Kickstarter description pretty much sums up its mission:
“C.U.N.T. invites you to reclaim every twat, snatch,
and gash with color to make them beautiful.”

The book contains 14 pages with “15 utterly cringeworthy
words,” including every insult associated with vaginas.

Colour in: Cunt, Twat, Flaps, Minge, Pussy, Vag, Axewound,
Muff, Bucket, Gash, Snatch, Rat, Fanny, Slit & Clunge.

Playing with Kitty

Playing with Kitty from Nakayama Studios Films on Vimeo.

Tempting Kitty

Clench Your
Vaginal Muscles

Better Orgasms

Like most muscles, those of the pelvic floor can be toned and trained. They can be strengthened over time, and stronger muscles are capable of stronger contractions, so you can experience stronger orgasms.

A regular practice of pelvic clenches will create a more powerful sensation during arousal and climax. Strengthening these muscles is essential for more sexual pleasure and to maintain your sexual health.

You may have heard pelvic clenches be called Kegels, after Dr. Arnold Kegel, who in 1948 wrote about the sexual health benefits of toning the muscles of the pelvic floor. Clenches are widely endorsed by midwives, doctors, and sex educators alike and are a major practice in the traditions of Tantra and Taoism.

Some describe the Kegel as clenching the muscle you would use to stop the flow of urine. This may be a helpful place to begin finding the muscles of the pelvic floor.

When you’re peeing, clench your muscles to stop the flow of urine for about four seconds. Then release those same muscles to let the urine flow again. These are your pelvic floor muscles; these are the muscles you’ll be exercising when you do Kegels.

If you want to check and make sure that you’re using the right muscles, put a finger or two into your vagina. Tighten the muscles. If you can feel your fingers being squeezed (even just a little), then you’ve located the right muscles.

Contract the pelvic muscles hard for one second and then release them, ten times in a row. Repeat this process five to ten times a day.