Sexual Appetite

How’s Your Sexual Appetite?

Leona prefers to take a dominant sexual position,
happy to hop on top of her partner and control
the pace, rhythm, and motion of deep penetration.

Not only does being on top give her partner the
vantage point to admire and appreciate Leona’s beauty,
it also gives her a chance to perform and deliver.

Leona’s natural affinity for performance means
she don’t shy away from the camera, even when it
comes to having sex with their partner over video chat.

She’ll get off on seeing her partner in a new way,
but more than that, Leona is turned on by watching
herself, on top, fucking on the floor, parallel to
a full-length mirror. It at comes highly recommended.

Leona has a large sexual appetite and doesn’t
shy away from having more than one partner.

A threesome with a Leona can be amazing, as long as
she’s sandwiched in the middle. If her other
partners focus on each other and shut her out,
even briefly, she’ll be a disgruntled bitch.

Large Sexual Appetite

Is Her Sexual Appetite
Larger Than Yours?

She wants sex more than you, Is that a problem?
Remember her libido, however high it may seem,
is normal and natural for her.

You just need to learn how to keep up. Learn to navigate
the sticky situation of being with a woman whose sexual
appetite is much bigger than yours.

An Offer you Can’t Refuse

an offer you can't refuse

Never forget that she’s a woman who likes sex
and wants to have it. There’s no shortage of men
who will want to be with her.

Your penis is simply the altar upon which she
chooses to worship. So be grateful, even when
you’re tired as hell and just want to sleep.

Sex Curve

sex curve

A woman’s sex drive vary across the lifespan because of
hormonal changes, stress, and personal circumstances.

Some women are tigers in their 20s; for others, the 30s
and 40s (when women tend to be more established in their
careers, more confident in themselves, and less likely
to get pregnant) are when their sexual desire peaks.

If she wants it more than you, she’s
not an anomaly. She’s totally normal.

In the Bush

in the bush

Ask her what she likes and encourage her to be sexual
even when you’re not around. You don’t even have to do
anything to enjoy watching her masturbate.

But honestly, if you do, you’re going to end
up having sex because why wouldn’t you?

A Helping Hand

a helping hand

Realistically, you’re lucky any woman wants to have
sex with you, let alone a woman who almost always wants to.
You are not worthy. Don’t forget it.

On a societal level, we believe that men are the pursuers
when it comes to sex. This is simply untrue. Let her initiate.

Relish that you don’t have to do this for once. More importantly,
know what it’s like to not want to have sex. File that feeling
away and don’t forget it when you’re back on the other side.