High Erotica

Left Hanging



Hanging in the Woods from Hilde Krohn Huse on Vimeo.

Have you ever played around, tying yourself naked on a tree, but then realised
it’s trickier to free yourself from the ropes?

Hilde Krohne Huse, an artist from London, ended up in such an unfortunate situation
on the Norwegian island of Aukra.

You can witness the breakdown between performance and reality as it goes wrong.

Hilde is stuck hanging from the tree without being able to free herself with
no visible means of help or escape.

A camera recorded the desparate struggle of the nude girl against the laws of physics.
Unable to free herself, Hilde had to wait 30 minutes before she was untied by a friend.

Such a raw and unscripted situation, spiced with nudity and voyeurism,
creates an intense and performative quality.

Hilde was clever enough to put the footage of her fight on Vimeo getting
nearly half a million views. Thanks, girl, for the performance.

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