Fucking Temptation

Polite Company: Shall We Have Sex?

Reproductive Habits

Let’s fuck doesn’t beat about the bush. In a more
gracious form: Do you think we should have sex?
Shall we have sex? Would you like to have sex?

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We’re exhausted from hours of rise and fall fucking.
I rubbed his erection through my velvet-soft fleece
blanket until he became hard.

It felt like the most delicious, delectable promise
to me. That perfect fit to split me open with a sigh
once he thrusts within me… Or an ecstasy induced
scream, depending on the tightness of my pussy.

Bad Gyal | Pussy from Only Postproduction on Vimeo.

Let’s Fuck:
We Need to
Reproduce Ourselves

From an evolutionary perspective, the only
goal for us humans is to reproduce ourselves.

sex siren allure

Explicit wealth used to be a great way to show off desirability.
Men in expensive suits flashed cash; women wore diamonds and Gucci.

Living in a big house, driving an expensive car and talking
about exotic vacations signaled that you’d be a quality partner.

From an evolutionary perspective, the only
goal for us humans is to reproduce ourselves.

Since finding a sexual partner is key to this
process for humans, we should anticipate
strong pressure on mate-selection strategies.

Specifically, evolutionists predict that we
should be attracted to “honest” signals of mate
quality—properties that take a lot of effort
to maintain and so aren’t easily faked.

Fucking Joy Ride

Ready to Ride

You need to learn how to ride a dick. Right?
Listen, I’m not gonna judge you or ask you why.

1. Ride His Dick

Maybe you just lost your virginity and have already
realized missionary is boring as fuck.

Or maybe you’re an old pro who just wants to up her game.
No matter the reason, I’ve curated real bitches’ tips
for riding dick to help you perfect your top.

ready joy ride

2. Elevate his Ass

Let’s be real, bouncing up and down
can take a lot of energy. If you elevate
his hips with a pillow or two, there’s
less up and down action required.

That makes you able to last way longer
because there’s less thigh pain. Listen,
being on top is a lot of work!

Girls and Good Sex

A Girl’s Sexual Needs

Girls soon learn that most men they sleep with casually haven’t a clue about a woman’s sexual needs.

One adolescent said: “I haven’t hooked up with anybody who was so cavalier as to just not even care. But I think most of them were somewhat baffled that it would require more than just them thrusting.”

Girls are never taught how to have good sex, let alone how to ask for what they needs The education they get in school is aimed at stopping teenagers from having sex at all.

There’s not much discussion of arousal. Most cultural representations of sex left out the messy details.

“The way we view sex in porn and in movies and in books, people aren’t talking to each other like, ‘Oh, my foot’s falling asleep, we need to move.’”

Communicating about those particulars is especially tricky in hookups. When one awkward exchange or misread text message could end the arrangement altogether, there’s a certain amount of pressure to tread softly.

You have to balance a lot of things in your brain, like what’s more important to you, just getting off, or do you actually want to have a connection with the other person?

For girls, casual sex is exciting precisely because it is spontaneous. You can compared a hookup with having dinner at a friend’s house.

You wouldn’t want to be demanding: ‘This is what I want and this is how I want you to make it, and I want you to use only this amount of basil.’

Some young women, confronted with these roadblocks, are redefining casual sex and the physical pleasure that they expect from it. Sex without strings has carnal and emotional benefits that don’t depend on reaching orgasm, they say.

Something they don’t talk about is why having an orgasm is the main goal or the only goal of sex. Often, hookups are more about two people giving each other the sense of intimacy, however brief, they need to get through the week.

It’s just sort of like having the experience, and having somebody that you can call or you can like, whose house you can spend the night in if you don’t feel like you want to be going home alone.

A lot of the time it’s almost weirdly irrelevant whether or not the sex is actually good.

For a lot of girls, sacrificing a reliable orgasm for sex without the burden of commitment was a conscious decision. After a couple of relationships in college, women usually spend about five years without a serious boyfriend and many on-again, off-again flings.

As far as the ability to climax consistently, that’s something girls are able to have in monogamous relationships that they rarely have in less committed circumstances.

Mediocre sex was a small price to pay for the freedom to be able to enjoy it all. The physical aspect of a tryst with a relative stranger can be gratifying, even if the chances of reaching orgasm were limited.

When your partner’s performance is lackluster, you can still took pride in your own sexual prowess.

To know yourself, to be sort of skilled in a way or to be able to see someone else’s pleasure that was your own doing, there’s definitely something very empowering about that.

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