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Lust is a psychological force producing intense desire for something, or circumstance while already having a significant amount of the desired object. Lust can take any form such as the lust for sex, money or power.

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Feels Good

One thing’s for sure. We naturally crave sex.
It’s for a good reason. It makes us feel good.

through the looking glass

There’s something profound about another person giving
you access to their body and accepting access to yours

lulu reveals all

The neurotransmitters and hormones and whatnot
released during sex have a lot to do with all
the great things you experience after orgasm.

Sexual pleasure puts you in some sort of trance, as
if you were meditating, or ate those magic mushrooms.

The rhythmic movements and intense sensations of pleasure
lead to an altered state of consciousness in which we
perceptually block out any other stimuli, and devote our
full attention to fucking the person under/on top of us.

Nu-Art Video backstage photo shoot on the bed from LVG on Vimeo.

We’re Naturally

Patriarchal forces in our society have
diligently marketed promiscuity and
homoeroticism as inherently disgusting,
unnatural and immoral.

The indoctrination of homophobia and misogyny
has created a somewhat fetishistic regard
for the sexuality of women and LGBTQ+ people.

If a film or TV series allows a woman to be
portrayed as promiscuous, there will be some
subsequent downfall in her character development.

Some filmmakers even go as far as to depict the
rape of their promiscuous female characters as a
way to subconsciously “balance out” her lusty ways.

It’s Natural
to Fuck Around

In many societies today, including our own, young women who are overtly sexual and pursue multiple male partners often experience moral outrage and “slut shaming” of a kind that is entirely unheard of in other parts of the world.

While these cultural attitudes used to look toward science for justification, that position is becoming increasingly difficult to reconcile with the biological evidence.

Female sexuality appears to be a far more dynamic area of research than Darwin could have imagined. Far from being passive, females are flexible and opportunistic individuals who confront recurring reproductive dilemmas and trade-offs within a world of shifting options. As one observer summarized, “It’s our party. We can love who we want.”

Chimps, Bonobos & Us

What is the evolutionary nature of human sexuality? We’re not descended from apes. We are apes. We’re genetically more closely related to chimps and bonobos than they are to any other primate.

What kind of ape are we in terms of our sexual natures? It turns out that we’re also closely related to chimps and bonobos in sexual practices—and the latter are famous for their sexual promiscuity and even homosexuality.

Consider that the average human has sex about 1,000 times per birth. We share that number of sexual encounters with chimps and bonobos, but other primates are vastly different. Gorillas and all other primates typically have sex only 12 times per birth.

The frequency of sexual engagement is one reason humans, chimps, and bonobos have larger external testicles. It’s like being ready for a big party at any moment, with plenty to share. External testicles are all about frequent and spontaneous ejaculation.

Human sexuality evolved to function first and foremost as a bonding function, with reproduction being secondary. We’re talking about sexuality, not sex itself.

This would mean that humans are indeed very similar to chimps and bonobos, which use sex for social purposes. Bonobos take socially driven sex to an extreme, in both hetero- and homosexual ways.

The standard narrative of human sexuality is that men have bargained for women’s sexual functions by being providers/hunters, and women have complied as a result of this benefit and protection.

But the problem with this narrative is that the origin of human civilization doesn’t support the model. Before the advent of agriculture, we lived in hunter/gatherer societies which were fiercely egalitarian. Everything was shared.

That included sexual relationships. Sexual exclusivity came later, after the advent of agriculture and more complex notions of property and exclusivity arose.

But this development doesn’t change our nature. Just because you have chosen to be a vegetarian doesn’t mean that bacon stops smelling good.

Just because we live in societies that generally organize around monogamous principles does not mean monogamy is the natural state of human sexuality. Like chimps and bonobos, it is natural for humans to have sexual desires for bonding.

We must stop confusing sexual desire with property rights. We need to move beyond men are from Mars and women are from Venus. The truth is that men are from Africa and women are from Africa.

Christian Approach: Lust is Bad

Just like the anticipation of a good meal makes
our mouths water, so the desire for sex creates
positive expectations and enhances the quality of the union.

The word “lust” carries so much negative baggage
that it should be banned.

Instead, let’s celebrate sexual desire as a God-given
driver, not only to procreate but experience a
deep togetherness that strengthens our relationships
and permeates every moment of togetherness.

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