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Lust, Desire, Passion

Lust & Sexual Chemistry

Ever been ambling along nicely when suddenly
you’re ambushed by an intense, intoxicating
connection with someone you’ve just met?

Sometimes it’s just strong mutual lust and nothing more.
You’re simply each other’s physical type and lack,
or don’t bother finding out about, any other kind
of compatibility. But what shapes your type?

Young Stunning Body

If you both recognize the intense spark of chemistry
as a pure lust thing, you might pursue a brief sexual
encounter and part ways once you’ve had your fill of
each other, carrying sweet memories and no expectations.

It’s the uber-hookup without strings or regrets.

I Fucking Want Her

I fucking want her

Desire, appetite, lust, passion, urge are comparable as meaning a longing for something regarded as essential to one’s well-being or happiness or as meaning an impulse originating in a man’s nature and driving him toward the object or the experience which promises him enjoyment or satisfaction in its attainment.

Desire may be used of every conceivable longing that stirs one emotionally, whether that longing originates in man’s physical or in his spiritual nature, whether it is natural and normal or unnatural and perverted, whether it is generally regarded as low or high in the scale of moral or spiritual values.

It may be used specifically to denote sexual longing, but it does not always convey derogatory connotations when so restricted in meaning.

Clit Lick

clit lick

Desire is often used in implicit contrast to will or volition, for in itself it carries no implication of a determination or effort to possess or attain.

Appetite is almost as extensive in its range of application as desire, and it invariably implies an imperative demand for satisfaction. It is specifically applied to the longings (as hunger, thirst, and sexual desire) which arise out of man’s physical nature and which may be thwarted only by circumstances beyond one’s control or by deliberate self-control.

Passionate Sex

The word may be applied also to equally exacting longings which drive one to their satisfaction, whether they originate in his nature or are acquired.

Lust combines the specific denotation of desire as a longing that stirs emotion and that of appetite as a longing that exacts satisfaction; often it implies domination by the emotion or insatiability of the appetite.

When used specifically to denote sexual longing, lust unlike desire automatically carries derogatory connotations.

Longing for Penetration

longing for penetration

Passion is applied to any intense and preoccupying emotion which gives one’s mind its particular bent or which serves as an outlet for and gives direction to one’s energies.

Though it comes close to lust in suggesting the energizing of desire by the vehemence of the emotions, passion is the better choice when personal predilection is implied; thus, he, too, knew the lust (better than passion) for power; but, his work reveals a passion (better than lust) for perfection.

Feel the Passion

Urge, which basically means a force or motive which drives one to action, often more specifically denotes a strong, persistent, and compelling desire that has its origin in one’s physical nature or one’s peculiar temperament.

The word is sometimes applied to the physical appetites (the sexual appetite is often called “the biological urge”), but it is more often used of a desire so strong and insistent that it must be satisfied or a sense of frustration ensues.

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