Object of Desire

Men See Women As Sexual Objects

This Must Be Heaven

Do Men ogle women? Does the male
see the female as a sexual object?
The feminist thrust. We look at her breasts, her
waist, her hips, in search of the perfect figure.

According to objectification theory, men in
Western cultures treat women as if their
appearance is the primary basis of their worth.

Ogle has built-in bias. Suppose we said
men eroticise the female body. Isn’t that
the sexual drive? Nothing more basic than that.

A woman’s breasts have a high number
of nerve endings around the areola and nipples.

An erotic fondling will stimulate sexual
arousal [as if you need to be told].


Breast orgasms are a real thing. All women
are capable of having them. They’re just as
great as their clitoral and vaginal ones.

Breast orgasms feel like waves of pleasure
throughout the entire body—tingly, blissful,
incredible pulsations of energy.

They’re beautiful orgasms to have.
However, unlike a clitoral orgasm you
probably need a sexpal to bring you on.

Nipples from matt lambert on Vimeo.


Girls Flaunt Their Sexual Power

Increasingly, girls feel they are entitled to dress however they like but take offence when the ‘wrong’ man has a look.

A young man and woman are having a friendly chat after a yoga class. The fresh-faced blonde seems totally relaxed but then she freezes. ”Did you just look at my chest,” she asks angrily, arms firmly folded.

”Yep,” mutters the bloke sheepishly. Her response is fierce. ”Can’t I come here without being ogled by some jerk?”

Instead of being cowed, he takes her on, launching into a passionate defence of his action: ”If you really didn’t want me to stare at your beautiful breasts, you’d be wearing something other than a purple sports bra covering maybe one-third of your perfect tits,” he argues.

Suggesting, among other things, that he’s biologically programmed to scan for life-giving breasts for his future offspring. He’s cute, passionate and ultimately convincing. She ends up asking him out for coffee.
to investigate the deep chasm between men and women”.

There seems to be a chasm between men and women and one that’s wide and growing, with so many women now feeling absolutely entitled to dress as they like – bare tits, enticing flesh squeezed into the shortest, tightest clothing.

Everywhere you look, women are stepping out dressed provocatively but bristling if the wrong man shows he enjoys the display.

Men are in a total state of confusion. There are cocky, attractive, successful men, alpha males who revel in this unexpected bounty, boldly staring at the assets of women they fancy as their prey.

Sensitive males are wary, not knowing where to look. Afraid of causing offence. And there are angry men, the beta males who lack the looks, the trappings of success to tick these women’s boxes.

They know the goodies on display are not for them. These are the men most likely to behave badly, blatantly leering, grabbing and sneering. For them, the whole thing is a tease. They know it and resent it.

The state of play was neatly summed up during the recent SlutWalks, where scantily dressed women took to the streets, proudly proclaiming their right to dress as they wish, in protest over a Canadian cop, who suggested women shouldn’t dress like sluts if they don’t want to be raped.

Jamie Lauren Keiles, an organiser of SlutWalk Chicago, explained that a half-naked woman as a form of protest is different from a half-naked lady pandering to the male gaze. It’s about ”a woman putting herself out there as a ‘fuck you’ as opposed to a ‘fuck me’ “.

That may be fine in the context of protesting that scantily dressed women aren’t asking to be raped. Of course, there’s never an excuse for sexual violence or for men to paw or harass women.

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