Sexual Desire

Monogamy Sex Boredom

Sexual boredom is endemic in this country.
The cause? Monogamy, of course. There’s
nothing worse than a fucking routine.


Adultery is the most common method
to relieve sexual boredom.
There are alternatives to adultery like
Swinging clubs (now called Lifestyle clubs).

But they usually only allow couples and single women
(single males pay a hefty price to get into the candy
store at a few of the clubs).

There’s a lot of pressure on females to participate.

>Open Relationships

These are Primary Relationships where the two
individuals have reached a level of mutual
trust and respect that they can have Satellite
Relationships with each other’s knowledge.

They may include sexuality without
threatening the Primary Relationship.

The individuals can have relationships outside
the Primary, or they can form family bonds with
other couples living together.

These can involve a lot more than just one
or two Satellite Relationships.


This is a relationship in which
a person is intimately involved
with more than one other person.

For some people this might mean
not just sexual relationships with
more than one person but also
relationships involving love,
commitment, or emotional attachment.

The Death of Marriage?

Should we see adulterers not only as
sexual renegades but as unwitting social
theorists posing essential political
questions about the social contract itself.

What is the trade-off between personal
gratification and the renunciations
society demands of us?

And is ‘working at your relationship’
just another way of propping up the
work ethic as if we weren’t all
overworked enough as it is?

Marriage & Capitalism

Marriage and sex for procreation is
no longer acceptable anymore.

It’s such a narrow view of sexuality. The reality of
working class life makes it hard to have
satisfying sexual relationships.

Capitalism turns everything into a commodity.
Our sexuality is alienated from us.

We’re led to believe happiness lies
in constant consumption.

Sexual desire is transformed into
desire for the latest product.

Class society gives rise to
oppression and distorts sexuality’

This Is the End!

Rising numbers of young people are now deciding
to do everything their parents didn’t.

They’re eschewing cultural and economic convention
to challenge what we take to be civil society.

They aren’t marrying. They’ve become the refuseniks
of our competitive corporate culture.

The Poor Get Poorer

For the working poor, getting married is
hardly a guarantee of ascendance.

They face the reality of surviving with
low wages, no paid sick leave, no paid
parental leave, and no subsidized childcare.

Marriage is in catastrophic decline
those those who are at the bottom of
the socio-economic hierarchy.

A married couple will see its income
go down by 14% after they have a child.

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