Male Sexuality

Most Men Are Voyeurs

The Male Gaze

Most men are natural voyeurs.
Most women prefer being
watched to watching others.

Which partly explains why men spend
fortunes on porn and women on cosmetics.

Make My Wet Dream Come True

So Tempting

Girls Who Are
Infatuated with
Each Other

The Male Gaze.
Desirable Object

Porn is wired directly to male desires. Perhaps the
most significant is the visual thrill. The male
pre-frontal cortex is very visual.

Males are voyeurs – hardwired ocular perverts. Males
are spatial in orientation, females more locus-directed.

The result? Men spend a large portion of time looking
at women. Whereas women, funny as it seems, spend most
of their time looking at other women.

And most interesting, same-sex relationships suggest beauty
is high on the priority list; men are not merely objectifying
and denigrating women by their pursuit of beauty.

Men enjoy beautiful women. They like to look at them.
They find them magnetic. And just so you know, women
are not far behind in their voyeurism.

Both sexes want it it’s just that men want it more.

Therefore, men obsessively watch women. Not pruriently, although in some cases it may be. And even rarer is psycholagny: sexual enjoyment from imaginary acts – although, admittedly, it can be part of voyeurism. Mostly, though, it is pure visual gratification.

How Deep’s the Desire?

I Love It When You
Lick Me Down There

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