High Erotica

Mount Her from Behind [Must Be the Dog in Me]

Fucking doggy style is involves a receiving partner
[bitch] crouching on all fours (usually on hands
and knees) while a dominant partner penetrates
the vagina or anus from behind or performs other sex acts.

In this position, the receiving partner is available
for a variety of sex acts, with the penetrating partner
being able to perform anal sex or vaginal penetration
from behind, as well as oral sex or anilingus.

The active partner is also able to massage or stimulate
the receiving partner’s erogenous zones, such as the
genitals, nipples, or buttocks, or administer a playful
spank to the buttocks or introduce a sex toy, such as
a dildo or vibrator, into the vagina or anus.

coming from behind

Engaging in ‘lordosis’ behavior is a physical posture
seen in many female mammals when they are ready to mate.

The primary characteristic is a ventral arching
of the spine. The position is considered by some
people to be erotic or sexually provocative.

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