What’s Your Fetish? Thigh-High Boots

Thigh-High Boot Fetish

thigh-high boot fetish

Cross Your Legs with Boots On

Boot fetishism is very closely related to shoe fetishism. Many of the same sexual appeal of high-heeled shoes apply to boots.

In most cases the fetish of the boot is accompanied by a fetish for the material which it is made from. Examples could be leather, rubber, or latex.

High-heeled boots help to elongate the calf, creating a longer-legged appearance which is generally considered to be more sexually attractive.

In general, boots can be divided into three primary structural categories and sub-divided from there. There are ankle-length, knee-high, and thigh-high boots.

There are many potential turn-ons that could arise from boots. Usually the action of the wearer’s legs provide much of the arousal boot fetishists have.

For instance, slowly crossing the legs after being seated or small subtle movements of the booted legs can provide for a visual stimulus. In cases of leather boots, the leather itself can be very reflective and glossy and create further visual appeals.

The heels of the boots can also provide sexual appeal, the most common being the stiletto. The soles of boots are attractive as well. For some, the sole pattern & colours are factors.

Why Do you Have a Boot Fetish?

What a question. I’ve had a boot fetish for as long as I can recall. All I can say for sure is that I have no idea where or how it started.

I think the problem that most girls have with fetishes is that there are guys who are so attached to this specific thing that they demand it as a part of sex, and sometimes the only part.

Luckily I’m not wired that way, and I’ve never run into a partner yet who utterly refused to put on a pair of high-heeled knee-highs for me…or let me do it, or let me take them off for her.

One of my earliest memories is of running around in my older sister’s cowgirl boots. She was 13 when I was 3. But that was only part of it, not the start.

The strange thing is, it’s evolved over time and got more specific. For instance, I don’t like low-heeled boots, nor suede or cloth boots.

I also feel like the tighter the boots are the sexier they are. Maybe it’s weird, but it’s just my thing, and it’s not a demand; it’s just a preference.

As for the question why?, I can’t answer it any more than anyone has been able to definitively figure out the psychology of the paraphilia, all the way back to Kraftt-Ebing.

Following Michel Foucault’s influential ‘History of Sexuality: The Will to Knowledge’, academics have associated the emergence of psychiatric knowledge on sexuality with medical colonisation, replacing religious and judicial direction with scientific authority and restraint.

The medical profession has differentiated between normal and abnormal sexuality, stigmatising deviance as illness. Doctors constructed modern sexual categories and identities as a way of controlling sexual pleasure.

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