Nothing Negative: Nymphomaniac

Signs You Might Be a Nymph


If short for nympho or nymphomaniac: a woman
who craves as much good sex as she can get.

1. Men are drawn to you without exactly knowing why.

2. You keep a box of tissues next to your desk.
And they aren’t for your nose.

3. You notice when a man notices you. And you like it.

4. When talking about sex with your girlfriends,
you don’t mention how often you like it,
because they look at you with raised eyebrows.

5. You orgasm easily. And in multiple ways.

6. You talk dirty with your eyes.

Sex Nymph

Post-coital climaxes are possible for most girls,
whether they are set on achieving one orgasm for
the day, or they have (luckily!) discovered how
to have multiple orgasms.

By varying the ways she is stimulated, and getting
into the right frame of mind, she can come at
almost any point in the sexual encounter.

a fuck in the countryside

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