Fuck Me Orgasm

On the Edge of Orgasm

Sex Mix: Fuck Me Like You Mean It.
Rise & Grind. You Know She Wants You.
Do Women Ejaculate?

Some days I feel as if I’m living on the edge of orgasm.
No, not like the women who can’t stop orgasming all day.

I mean, being at the precipice, where my body, my vagina, is pulsing.
All day. (I guess that sounds like the women who can’t stop orgasming?)

Sometimes I’ll retreat to my bedroom to self-pleasure.
Or pin my lover against the wall and push his hand down my pants.

just fuck me

Fuck Me Like you Mean It

“Come have dessert,” she purred, rubbing her
finger over her mound and down to her sex slit.

He got between her legs, blowing his hot breath
on her wet sex slit causing her to shiver.

Using his tongue and teeth, he lightly pulled
at her pubic hair, occasionally nipping her mound
until he had the morsel of chocolate in his mouth,
leaning up to share it with her.

Gazing at her with a wicked gleam in his eyes,
he slowly and methodically licked, kissed,
and sucked his way up her belly.

He made sure to tongue fuck her navel and lightly
touch her clit until she was once again on the edge,
ready to fall over.

He stopped and sat back on his heels, just looking at her
as her body settled down from the ‘almost’ orgasm.

“Enough already”, she said. “Just fuck me damn it!
Shove that dick in me now!”

Rise & Grind

Woman on Top Great position for clitoral stimulation.

Sit up relatively straight, so your bodies are at right angles.
Rock your hips back and forth, or grind against him in small circles.

Try leaning forward a bit so your clitoris will slide
up against his lower abdomen. Put some lube on your clit
so you get even more of a glidey sensation.

If it feel you’re not getting enough stimulation
that way, have him rest his thumb on his pubic bone
to give you something to grind up against.

If you stay more upright, you can very easily reach down
and touch your clitoris, or have him stroke it for you.

You Know She Wants You

What’s most subversive and violent about her is
her willingness to be seen as a sexual object.

She’s very passive, the antithesis of what
is seen as today’s empowered, emancipated women.

Simone’s beyond that. She wants to surrender
to be taken, she wants to be fucked.

Do Women Ejaculate?

Female ejaculation is when a female’s urethra expels
fluid during sex. It can happen when she’s sexually
roused, but isn’t necessarily in combination with
an orgasm. Also known as squirting or gushing.

Female ejaculation has been discussed in anatomical, medical,
and biological literature throughout recorded history.

The dichotomy between the interest devoted to female
ejaculation and the basic acceptance of its male
counterpart has been questioned by feminist writers.

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