Spread Your Legs

Open for Penetration

Ride the Bitch [Must Be the Dog in You]

This position involves penetrating your lover
from behind with both of you on all fours.

The deeper penetration really helps women achieve
a great orgasm. You can enhance pleasure further
with ribbed condoms or sex toys such as cock rings.

Fondling her breasts, kissing and nibbling
her neck can also ramp things up a bit.

Is Deeper Penetration Better?

Some women say that a longer penis rather than
a shorter one doesn’t necessarily make it any
easier for them to reach a climax

Among sexually experienced women, approximately
two-thirds reported that a longer penis either
made no difference in reaching orgasm or made
it less likely that they would climax.

fucking her slowly

What about the others? These women claim that longer
penises and, consequently, deeper penetration was better.

Why do some women like deep penetration?
One possibility is that longer penises may
provide some degree of cervical stimulation.

It turns out that the cervix may be an important and
largely unacknowledged pleasure source for some women.

deeper penetration

Brain-scans show that a region of the brain known
as the genital sensory cortex ‘lights up’ when a
woman’s cervix is stimulated

This region also becomes active when the vagina,
clitoris, and nipple are stimulated, which suggests
that the cervix may contribute to female sexual pleasure.

Consistent with this finding, there are
some women who say they’re able to reach
orgasm through cervical stimulation.

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