Casual Sex Fucking Temptation

Fuck It! How Can Sex Be a Sin?

Sin is an immoral [sexual] act considered
to be a transgression against divine law.

Sex has suffered from christian repression.
To have sex outside marriage for purely
carnal pleasure was labelled sinful.
What better way to control the sexual drive?

We can forget about that. The opposite
of sin is sexual indulgence [in my book.

original sin

Sex is a sin if you’ve been brainwashed to believe
in the manipulative, scaremongering, and controlling
religious indoctrination that passes for wisdom in
some parts of the world.

It’s not a sin if you are a mature, educated,
free-thinking adult who does not adhere to any
silly, ridiculous, shaming, religious zealotry.

Sexual intercourse is not only a necessity
to continue our genes and the species.

But it is also a natural, sensual,
beautiful union between two humans
Plus it’s also a lot of fucking fun!

Heaven forbid we enjoy ourselves.

Angelina Jolie Sex Scene from Original Sin

Open for Fucking Business



Original Sin – Videoclip from Marina Motion Pictures on Vimeo.

Sin City Sex Workers

The Girls of Old Town are fictional
characters in Frank Miller’s Sin City.
Within the universe of Sin city, they’re
a group of self-governing prostitutes.

During the days of the Gold Rush, when the town
of Basin City had just been settled, the Roark
family “imported” a large number of women from
across the globe into the uncontrolled area.

They turned a struggling mining camp into
a thriving, bustling city, securing them-
selves a vast fortune and control over the city.

These women ended up forming the district that
become Old Town, the prostitute quarter.

In addition, the people charged with governing the city,
most of them from the Roark line, remained in power
for generations, running it as they saw fit.

Old Town’s female residents were subjugated and
virtually enslaved under the combined malign
influence of politics, pimps and mobsters.

Eventually, the women formed a truce with the
police department, allowing the women to defend
their own turf, drive out the pimps and mobsters
and administer vigilante justice to those who wronged them.

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