Calling All Cunts

Can I Stroke Your Pussy?

Nothing ruins a romantic moment
quite like the word vagina.
Is your vagina engorged?

Can I come into your vagina?
Makes you sound like a gynecologist.
If lost for words, try cunt.

Fortunately, there are a lot of
alternative terms out there
which can be deployed to better effect.

Tasty Cunt

Cunt. It’s a powerful, beautiful, precious object.
The source of all life and pleasure and beauty.

Well, it was until Puritans wrangled it.
Why is the word is so taboo in US culture?

You’ve got to know your audience
to know which phrase to use,
but there are a few hard and fast rules.

For instance, never ask to ‘stroke her kitty’
if she doesn’t, in fact, own a cat.


Cock in Cunt