Lost in the Bush

I came to the conclusion by my mid-twenties
I no longer wanted to shave my pubes.

Once I’d had more than a few boyfriends, I realized
I didn’t need to undergo any form of expensive
or itchy torture just to be considered attractive.

In fact, the type of guy I liked — feminist, sexually
open, not porn-obsessed — seemed to dig my bush.

While I still occasionally shave my bikini line
when I’m in a swimsuit, my default is now full bush.

It’s important to know why pubic hair is there
the first place. Vaginas are made of mucus membrane,
a type of skin that is more delicate than that
on the rest of your body.

Your pubes are there to cushion and protect your
vagina from everything the world throws at it
— dicks, other vaginas, sex toys, bacteria,
viruses, you name it.

Year of The Bush from tsurufoto. on Vimeo.

Pubic hair helps ensure that your vaginal folds
don’t stick together, which can result in rash
and infection. It also protects your vagina
from friction during sexual activity.

As if that all weren’t enough, the hair also acts as
a natural barrier, preventing potentially harmful
bacteria from entering your pussy.

The hair covering your vaginal region is
there to cushion these tender parts from
the rough and tumble of the outside world.

Think of it as a homegrown moat
working to protect your ‘assets’.

That natural cushion is your friend when
it comes to all that bumping and grinding.

Because your pussy is way less likely to get
irritated during sex with a full bush protecting
it, you can go longer and harder without ending
up quite so raw at the end.

Big Bush Energy [BBE] is the attitude a woman
gives off when she’s rocking a tuft of her
natural body hair — either under her arms or
farther down under on the mons pubis.

She doesn’t give a fuck about what others think.

Have you ever seen an old-school porno or leafed
through a vintage copy of Playboy and seen women
rocking a forest between their thighs?

Have you ever seen anything so confident and sexy?

Girls Out West – Hairy lesbians licking pubes outdoors