Her Juices Flow

For women, vaginal walls may become dry

The “use it or lose it” slogan could be appropriate here,
especially for women entering menopause.

Regular intercourse after menopause is important for
vaginal health. The vaginal walls of older women who
are not having regular intercourse can thin out and
become dry, leading to painful sex. The solution is
to have more sex to increase blood flow to the groin.

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Another issue of lack of sex in older women is lubrication.
Menopause causes a reduction in the hormone estrogen.
Estrogen is needed to keep vaginal tissues healthy, elastic,
and lubricated. When a woman is young, she has plenty of
estrogen to make this happen.

But once estrogen levels dwindle, vaginal lubrication lessens
with age. To keep the juices flowing, a woman without a partner
can pleasure herself to keep her vaginal walls healthy.

When Men Talk Women Into Having Sex

You go on a date with a guy. Maybe he buys you a meal.
Maybe he’s a bit sad, lonely. You feel sorry for him,
see in his eyes his desperation.

You know he’s a nice guy. Maybe you know he’s not the right
guy but you feel a little inkling of wanting to have sex.

You drink another glass of wine, maybe two. Get into a taxi
with him. You might be bored, frustrated with work, or your
life situation. Something to break the monotony of work,
home, going out, and TV.

A little excitement, but deep down in your heart, you know
being talked into sex with him is not what you want to do.

A Woman Needs to be Engorged before Penetration

When we are with someone who rouses us the energy is truly flowing.
Everything is opening, and a physiological process goes on from
our brain to our heart and down to our vagina.

Women have nine nerves going from our brains to our vaginas
(men only have one going to their penis). When our vaginas
experience a trauma, it directly affects our central nervous
system, weakening us and making us unbalanced, physically and mentally.

We all know someone who has been raped and have seen
how the trauma plays havoc in their lives. who haven’t
been raped have similar but milder trauma patterns.

Our Vaginas Are Like a Flower

A complex system of muscles and nerves, our vagina
is so much more than a mere hole. The delicate tissues
and muscles weave an intricate web that is the source
of enormous pleasure. But the nerves in these delicate
tissues can be damaged resulting in numbness.

Feeling Safe & Relaxed

When we are feeling safe and loved we relax,
muscles open and the juices flow.

We enter into bliss with our bodies
and minds perfectly connected.

When we have sex without this process of opening,
damage can be done. Physically, the nerves stop
functioning; the muscles stop working so well and go hard.

Incontinence and anorgasmia are epidemics in women.
How many of us have someone to penetrate us without
our bodies being open to the experience. What are we
doing to ourselves when we allow bad sex to happen?