Deep Penetration / Find Your Sexual Soul

Some claim sex is a spiritual act but for
most of us it’s just not that deep. We’ve all known
people who can fuck someone and think nothing more
of them once they’ve got what they want.

Then there are people who slept with someone once
and spend the next twenty years talking about them.

I think it depends on the value you place on sex.
I find it hard to believe that sex workers are
spiritually connected to every trick who spends
money on them. And the same can be said for the johns.
It’s just an exchange, a way to meet a biological need.

Ride him for Deep Penetration

deeper penetration

Up & Over

If you’re tired of sticking to missionary and want
something that achieves the same sort of intimacy,
this position is for you.

Place your partner on her back and put
a pillow under her bottom to elevate her hips.

Then, lift her legs and place them on your shoulders.

You’re able to achieve a better rhythm and
deeper penetration with your thrusting.

Eventually, her legs may get tired.
It’s okay to lower them. After just
a few minutes of the “up and over”
position, she’ll be primed and
that much closer to achieving orgasm
than in the normal missionary position.





Soul Searching

Had a bit too much ‘wham, bam, thank-you ma’am’?
Here’s how you can get a bit more soulful under the sheets.

How you talk to your partner is an all-important factor
in achieving that deeper connection with your partner
when getting intimate. Crystal clear communication is
imperative for soulful sex. Don’t be vague about your needs.

Soul Searching from Jade Scott on Vimeo.

Distraction is another key factor in your love-making.
It’s really important to be present and in the moment.
You can’t be thinking about what’s for dinner, how
many emails are in your inbox, what didn’t get checked off
your to-do list, or what time you have to pick up the kids.

Get out of your head and back into your body.
Bring all your attention to your body and breath.

Finding Your Sexual Soul

It’s about surrendering, opening up and letting your
partner see you for the gorgeous being you are.
It’s vulnerability. After all we are not the hurts
or scars we carry, we are love, so when two people
let this out with each other they are ‘making love’
no matter what they happen to be doing,