Better Porn Compilation

I fucking love porn. Outside the discovery of fire
porn might be humanity’s greatest singular invention.

Masturbating is cheap, calorie-free
and a great stress reliever.

It doesn’t even cause cancer! Do you
know how rare that is in this world?

Come Baby – Porn Music Clip

Erika Lust – XConfessions

XConfessions is the home of indie erotic filmmaker Erika Lusts’
masterpieces, as well as other films she commissions
from a diverse range of directors.

Every week, the site releases a new short film.
It’s porn like no other, seriously.

It looks beautiful, features actors of all ethnicities,
sexualities and gender identities, and is based on real
life sex and fantasy confessions people write in with.

There’s also a library of over 150 films you can watch
as many times as you want if you’re a member.

Creampie Compilation

Girl on the Net

Not all porn has to be visual.
There’s the written word
which can be a tremendous turn-on.

Audio porn can also be a terrific tease.
Both are a inclusive way of making
sexy content more accessible.

Sex blogger girl on the net has a great
free selection of words and sounds.

Couple in Lust