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Getting the Most from Deep Penetration

Most women don’t find deep penetration
comfortable or pleasurable if they’re not roused.

During arousal the vagina not only lengthens,
but the cervix actually rotates upward and
out of the way of the penis.

If a woman isn’t roused deep penetration will
likely occur in the penis pounding into her
cervix, which most women don’t enjoy.

The missionary position isn’t the best for
deep penetration, but you can still do pretty
well if you position her legs properly.

Spread them wide open and push her knees up
to her chest. It depends on her flexibility.

Better still put her legs over your
shoulders or she hooks your arms behind
one or both knees to hold them up.

Why do some women like deep penetration? Perhaps
longer penises may provide cervical stimulation.

It turns out that the cervix may be an important and
largely unacknowledged pleasure source for some women.

Brain-scans show a region of the brain
known as the genital sensory cortex lights
up when a woman’s cervix is stimulated.

This same brain region also becomes active when
the vagina, clitoris, and nipples are stimulated,
suggesting the cervix adds to female sexual pleasure.

Come into My Cunt

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So Aware of Her Sexuality

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Sexual Exploration in Children

Sexual Coupling

I’m a 21-year-old virgin and have never had a relationship.
This causes me a lot of shame and regret.

I had a difficult childhood and have been diagnosed
with post-traumatic stress disorder, social phobia,
depression and generalised anxiety.

I’m finally on medication and finding socialising
less difficult, but I feel so inadequate.

I’m seriously considering seeing an escort
just so I can get it over with.

Your idea of seeking an escort will certainly
help with the mechanics of sex. It’s like learning
to ride a horse. You need lessons.

The bourgeois attitude towards sex is stifling.
It must always be about love and emotion.
Yet paying for sex is the same as paying for food.

Sex ‘advisors’ strongly disapprove of forming
a pattern of financially based sexual contact.
They seem to prefer the idea of unpaid labour.

Oiled Bodies

Originating in Japan, nuru massage is a sexually
arousing activity, whereby the masseuse and person
experiencing the massage are covered in a special gel.

The masseuse uses her body to massage the client
with extreme physical contact, creating intense
sensations that are fantastic for many reasons.

No matter what your sexual preferences are,
a nuru massage allows you to relish in the
sensual energy created during the activity.

The strokes on the skin as your body touches
your masseuse’s will allow you to engage in
a safe and thrilling experience, which will
bring you a mind-blowing ending.

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