Doggie Style Object of Desire

Posing for the Male Gaze

Men Want to Look at Women
Why Do you Think This Site
Is So Popular?

Why is the male gaze criticised so much by feminists?
Because it objectifies women? It’s the curse of male lust.

Men see women as sexual objects. What’s wrong with that?

It comes from desire. I wouldn’t mind being seen as a
sexual object. As a man I want to be desired by women.

Buxom Redhead Nude

buxom redhead nude

Wood Nymph

wood nymph

Suicide Girls

Waiting for You to Fuck Me

Like it or adore it, you’ve probably done it
doggy style at some point in your sexcapades.

Despite the name leaving a lot to be desired
(seriously, who came up with it?), this
position offers up lots of benefits so you
get a great bang for the price.

It’s the perfect angle for deeper penetration,
G-spot stimulation and easy access for bonus
clitoral play.

Plus, it’s a super-hot view for both
of you (if you face a mirror), and
you can pretty much do it anywhere.

Back to the name. We should replace doggy style.
How about rear entry or backdoor man?

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