Fucking Temptation

Praise Be! Sexual Temptation

No Christians
Allowed on This Page

Cheating is as old as the hills. And it is not going
away any time soon. So when the opportunity arises,
is the best thing to go with the flow and deal with
the complications later?

Or should we put up a running battle
against what they used to call temptation?

Come Fuck Me, Boy

Out of the blue, someone you know from work starts
to get rather playful. It escalates quickly and
soon you’re getting nude pictures.

Ones you like. Very much. Do you have it in you
to resist the attractions of your new-found very
best friend? Or might you be best to indulge in
a fling, to get the feelings out of your system?

Give Her Some Tongue

“It was an unexpected moment. I remember looking up
from what I was doing, and I saw Leilana staring at me.

We were working on a project together. Once she’d caught
my eye, she began pulling her top off slowly.

I was mesmerised! I was married and not used to someone
attractive coming on to me like this, I suppose because
of my taken’ status.

“I remember my gaze wandering over her exposed breasts.
Jesus! I was also struck by how slim her waist was.

Mama mia! To be honest, I felt completely powerless
in that moment of seduction.

She oozed sex and her interest in me was in itself
an aphrodisiac. We’d been acquaintances for a while,
but I swear: hadn’t seen her with lustful eyes before
that day. But now, all bets were off.”

Fancy Some Sadism

The Bias on Google

Search ‘sex temptation’ and you get 72m results along
’10 Practical Ways to Battle Your Sexual Temptations’
usually with ladles of ‘Christian’ advice.

now try ‘accept sex temptation -christian’ video search:

I Want to Fuck You Eyes

What the Fuck
[Pick & Mix]

Deliciously Naughty / Teen Advice: Don’t Delay Sex /
Fucking Temptation / Don’t Call Me Babe / Naked
Temptation / Playing With Herself / Hot Chick / Dirty Talk
“I Fucked a married man but Jesus still loves me”

deliciously naughty

If you’re new to reading BDSM erotica,
The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty is a
good introduction and a deliciously naughty
bedtime story to read with your partner.

Sexual Advice for Teenagers Don't Delay

The Lumpen administration announced it was abruptly
ending almost $214 million in grants for the
Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program, which has been
offering innovative comprehensive sex-education
programs to adolescents across the country.

A skank has an emotional moment in front of
the mirror, and the scene changes to two hot
people having some really good suck and fuck fun together.

The blonde has some huge tits,
which of course get some immediate
attention from the muscle bound
stud she’s going to fuck.

Soon he moves downstairs to her juicy bits,
giving her some cunnilingus and making her
moan and squeal with appreciation.

Once he’s stiff and ready, it’s time for
the good stuff, and stuffing! Sweaty sex
ensues with a great cumshot on her anus.

There’s an interesting debate on
Twitter at the moment under
the hashtag #dontcallmebabe.

The question: is it okay to call
a woman you don’t know a pet name?

Can it be brushed off as well-meant affection,
or is it a needling way to demean women,
one we should be speaking out against?

At just sixteen Daniel left his
family and joined a monastery.

Two years later he has a definite crisis of faith.
Waking dreams of a sexy naked demon with long, flowing
black hair and exquisite green eyes that seem to see
deep into his very soul.

He struggles with what he’s always been told,
that such acts are deviant and evil.Yet he
finds it impossible to resist the temptation.

tempting you

Hot Chick

from Dmitry Kartsev on Vimeo.

Dirty Talk

from Trilavision on Vimeo.

“The media makes it seem so abnormal to be abstinent.
The desire to have sex is natural and if nobody is
telling you it’s wrong, why would you wait?”
she told The Christian Post.

She confessed she’d had “physical relations” with
other contestants but that “Jesus stills loves me.”

“Jesus still loves me” is now a coined phrase.

As in “I fucked a married man but Jesus still loves me”


Playing with Herself

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