Lesbian Sex

Promiscuous Lesbians [Lick your Lips]

I asked men if they enjoyed watching lesbian
porn. Most of them got this dazed look on their
faces at the thought of two beautiful women
rubbing their body parts against each other.

Some of them actually said simply watching was enough for them.

“But don’t you fantasize about being asked to join the twosome?”
I asked in a confused tone. Apparently not. Watching two women
make love to each other is enough for men to get off.

Lesbian teenagers have sex younger, have more partners
and engage in riskier practices than bi or heterosexual girls.

One in five sexually active lesbian teenagers
reported recently having sex with a man.

Lesbian teens reportedly lose their virginity
at the average age of 13 years 9 months,
which is significantly younger than bisexual
(15 years 1 month) and heterosexual
(15 years 6 months) girls.

Lesbian and bisexual adolescents also have
considerably more sexual partners than straight girls.

lesbians were much riskier about safe sex than their peers,
with less than a third saying they had discussed using condoms
or dental dams with their most recent sexual partner.

Lesbian Indulgence

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