Object of Desire

PTS: Peeping Tom Syndrome

A voyeur is someone who furtively watches
naked or sexually active people for
his/her gratification. What man isn’t?

teen girls in locker room

‘Peeping Tom’ comes from the legend of Lady Godiva’s
naked ride through the streets of Coventry to persuade
her husband to alleviate the harsh taxes on the town’s poor.

The story goes that the townsfolk agreed not
to observe Godiva as she passed by, but Peeping Tom
broke that trust and spied on her.

Towards the end of the 20th century peeping toms
got a new activity to partake in, or at least a
new name was given to an old activity.

The term dogging was coined in the UK
A description of anyone spying on couples
having sex in a car or any public place.

Voyeurs become aroused, and may
masturbate during voyeuristic activity,
or afterwards, recalling what they’ve seen.

The victim is unlikely to be physically approached.
Although the voyeur will often fantasise about a
sexual encounter, he or she [yes, even some women
are voyeurs] will rarely do anything to change
the fantasy into a reality.
Any danger tends to apply to the voyeur himself:

What’s Your Fetish?

Do You Swing?

The Most Common Sexual Fetishes Are So Mundane They’re Virtually Vanilla

If you’ve always been involved in just normal sexual activities, you may be unaware of the number of sexual fetishes that exist. In fact, you may not have any idea how widely these fetishes are used.

Usually, fetishes are something which you execute a lot of times, take delight in observing them or indulge in them with your lover to acquire a heightened state of arousal.

A sexual fetish can be a preoccupation in your mind specifically associated with various products like heels, lingeries etc., body parts like navel, feet, hair etc. or sexual positions.

Unless you have perfect communication with your partner, you may be unaware of his or her fetishes. In this post, we’ve discussed some of the most common sexual fetishes.

Some of these include role play, domination, submission, real leather, vinyl, shoes, feet, threesome, foursome, swinging and anal intercourse.

Domination and Submission – This is one of the most regularly performed fetishes. Many couples get involved in domination and submission. According to some studies, people who make almost all the decision making in their everyday lives like a role reversal during sex. They want to function as their other half who’s more submissive.

There are many different types of domination and submission. Some of these include whipping, spanking, using BDSM restraints like wrist cuffs and ankle cuffs.

Restraints are used to tie one half, while the dominating person takes command. Depending on your preferences and choices, you can also get involved in a lot of other activities. Sexual fetishes are all about what heightens your level of sexual arousal.

Voyeurism – The term voyeurism has been derived from the French word voir, to see. It means getting aroused and turned on by seeing other people get undressed or take part in sexual intercourse.

Anyone who watches porn can be called a voyeur. In a porn, you’re watching strangers getting involved in intercourse and becoming more sexually aroused.

However, it is worth mentioning that voyeurs are not the people who like and view porn. In fact, it has been noted that many individuals even sneak inside of closets to watch other people get involved in sex related practices without those people being aware of it.

Role Play in the Bedroom – Roleplay is often used by couples to add some spice to their sex life. If you get involved in role play in your bedroom, it means you have to get dressed up in different uniforms to turn on your partner.

Most of the time, role play in the bedroom requires the girl to put on a seductive uniform. However, this can be done with both men and women. The most common ideas include dressing like bunny girls, school girls, French maids, secretaries, robbers and cops.

Anal Activity – This is one of the most common sexual fetishes. Anal sex is relished by both men and women. However, many heterosexual men don’t like talking about it because of the concern associated with their manliness.

There are a lot more nerve endings in the rectum. Thus, it is believed to produce more sexual climax for both men and women. Many men and women also use butt plugs during anal intercourse to increase the level of physical pleasure.

Vinyl, Leather and Latex – Using these materials in sexual activities can be clearly regarded as a perfect alternative to role play. This is because men and women wear clothes made of these products and get involved in sex while wearing them.

Clothes made from these materials are very fitting. As a result, they are able to create a much greater bondage and physical elation products like floggers, BDSM collars, handcuffs and blindfolds. These are used on a frequent basis.

Threesome and Foursome – Sex with two women at the same time is one of the most common sexual fetishes of men. Some men and women even look for other couples with the same ideology and get involved in a foursome or group sex.

This can be rejuvenating for a relationship which has been passing through a phase of boring and monotonous sex. It can add some spice to your sex life and reignite the spark.

Most people call this swinging. In the last few years, swinging has been quite popular in almost every part of the world. People have understood its various benefits and the kind of love it can reignite between couples. Plenty of swingers’ clubs

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