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Is There a ‘Right’ Age to Start Having Sex?

There’s no such thing as a right age.
Just right moment, place and person.
However, puberty is as good a place.

No harm in natural curiosity before that.I remember
playing ‘doctors & nurses’ around the age of 10.

As well as physical changes during puberty
you may also start to have sexual feelings.

Expect a lot of physical changes. From
starting your periods to growing body hair.

what a darling

Early Puberty in Girls

14-year-old Jocyline
indulges in self-pleasure.

My first tool of the trade was the family hairbrush.
By day I used it to brush my hair, before cutting
my fringe with the big kitchen scissors.

And by night I rode the handle of that grooming
item like a limitless fuck-pony, doubling
its functionalities at a stroke.

That brave old brush. Thankfully, around that time
I decided to combat my burgeoning underarm odor
issues by shoplifting a bottle of Mum roll-on deodorant.

I realized on the bus on the way home that it
was shaped — astonishingly, usefully, blatantly —
like a cheerful, chunky cock.

With its pink domed lid and carefully contoured
bottle, the thinking behind British teenage girls’
most popular deodorant of the late 1980s
was a truth hidden in plain view.

Proctor and Gamble were selling
adolescent girls Starter Dildos for 79p.

Did they know? Of course they knew.
They were playing mind games with us.

For what reason — other than a knowing sadistic streak —
would they have called it Mum? Something millions of
teenage girls were fapping themselves senseless with.

It was their way of fucking with our minds.
The real test of how horny you were.

Are you so desperate that you’d have sex with your Mum?
To which my simple answer was locking the bedroom door,
lying on the floor and getting the job done.

Definition of Puberty

– from Latin meaning of ripe age, to grow hairy

– rapid physical maturation involving hormonal
and body changes (mostly in early adolescence)
regulated by the endocrine system

– complex process, not a single event

– process by which children reach reproductive maturity

– more changes now than any other time in life except infancy

Secondary Sexual

– like an open for business sign
– genital growth
– pubic and underarm hair
– oil secretion (acne)
– breast development
– facial hair
– boys are mature before they look it,
girls look mature before they are.

Repressing Sexuality
in Adolescents

Society’s attitude towards sexual experiences creates
a strict boundary between adolescence and adulthood.

The broad social, cultural, and religious investment
in the meanings of words like ‘virgin’ is an example.

Because sexuality is seen as a domain requiring adult
maturity to experience and express, adolescent sexuality
is portrayed – even in ostensibly objective research –
as tentative, experimental, confused, inept,
and innately dangerous.

A substantial research literature addresses adolescent
sexuality as an expression of “risk-taking” requiring
broad social efforts to suppress or control.

This approach seems to be the point of much of
the debate over the content of American sex
education which is often skewed toward abstinence,
pregnancy, and STI, with little or no mention
of masturbation, sexual pleasure or orgasm.

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