Role Play Doctor and Nurse

Our fevered love
for medical professionals

Being ill isn’t very sexy. Yet somehow the people we’re
mainly exposed to when ill are… really hot? From kids’
cartoons (“Helloooooooo Nurse!”) to Halloween costumes
to that iconic Blink-182 album cover [Enema of the State].

The idea of the “naughty nurse” is firmly ingrained
in society. Meanwhile, about a third of primetime
TV shows center on a handsome—if troubled—doctor.

Both jobs regularly top polls of the professions seen
as the most attractive. Beyond the fact that nurses
and doctors save lives, and there’s something that j
ust inherently seems to make sense about that being
a good thing, what’s the deal with the collective
horn for hospital workers?

An ongoing patient comes in yesterday and wants my advice:
she says she caught her 5-year-old playing doctor with her pal Jenny.
Mom’s arrival apparently broke up whatever they were doing,
but mom wants to know what to do now.

The word “caught” caught my ear.
I start with a few routine questions:

How old is Jenny?
They’ve known each other a while?
Did it seem friendly or coercive?
Friendly. Very friendly.
Were large objects inserted anywhere?

Getting impatient, mom tells me a few things she thinks are relevant.

The door was closed.
Did you knock?
No. She’s never closed her door before.
Oh. I guess the closed door meant something to her.
They jumped when I walked in.
Well, you interrupted them.
They looked guilty.
Since your attitude was that you “caught” them, I guess they felt “caught.”

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But she’s so young!
Yes she is. That’s exactly when kids
start learning about taking care of their teeth, the importance of good manners,
how to deal with conflict, how much easier life is if you put your things away
–the skills they’ll need as an adult.

That’s when their sexuality starts developing, too. “Young” is right on schedule.
OK, so just answer me: should I stop her from playing doctor?
It depends on what you want to accomplish.
If you want to interrupt her from exploring her sexuality
in a safe, comfortable environment, stop her. If you want her to
hide her sexual questions and exploration from you, stop her.

Sex-addicted Nurse
Turns A Prostate Exam
Into Sex

For a lot of men, the prostate carries almost mythical uncertainty both in location and function. If anyone has seen the movie Road Trip, in which Sean William Scott’s character has the nurse insert a finger up his anus, to “milk the prostate”, you’ll no doubt be somewhat confused.

This is not a modern-day practice, I might add. Away from the Chinese whispers of Hollywood films, your prostate is simply a walnut-sized gland that sits near your bladder. Through it passes the urethra, a tube channeling urine from your bladder and out of your penis.

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