Rough Sex

Rough Sex Guide

Some Like It Rough

When it comes to sex we all have different needs.
Some like it soft and gentle while others are begging
for it harder, faster, rougher. While most will say
they like a blend of both, sometimes we crave something
with more spice.

Saturday night was that kind of night for me.
After dinner and drinks with friends we headed
to Eyes Wide Shut, a local swingers club.

Just like any other lifestyle club, it’s hit or miss
with the crowd. Some nights are always better than others.
But this night was pretty hot. Tons of attractive women
and men filled the bar and dance floor.

It didn’t take long for me to narrow my view to a bald hottie. He seemed quite pleased to talk to me, but his wife was a total bitch.

I wonder if that’s because I accidentally stomped her pretty feet with my heel? Anyway, I loved that she was totally bitchy and actually ended up taking that as a cue from her for our fun later.

Talk turned into a sprint towards the bedrooms. All four of us were dropping clothing left and right, climbing onto the bed for a little action.

She tried to go down on me, but her hubby wasn’t sharing. He took charge of my vagina while my hubby took charge of her. Oral sex on me, oral sex on him, and fucking was the course.

I participated had a little fun with him calling him names and belittling his performance making him fuck me harder and eventually leaving bruises on my breast. I didn’t mind (as long as it doesn’t break them!).

Overall I guess it was as much rough sex as raunchy in my book. And depending on the person as well as the situation I might want it differently next time.

Some of my rough play favorites include:

hair pulling

nipple pinching

hard fucking

light choking



flat on my stomach, head pushed into the bed, legs spread wide

Rough sex that pushes the envelope:

Biting without breaking the skin

Bend her over, lift her skirt or nightie and take her deep and hard until she cums for me. I reach around and rub her clit if she can take it.

Face slap; saw it on Mad Men this season

Choking and hard fucking; being the firm hand and holding her throat while I fuck her hard from behind.

Spanking, hair-pulling, slapping; the redder the better!

Hands restrained behind back -she likes being dominated by him.

He likes to grab her wrists and push her face down on the bed while holding her hands behind her back and deep fucking her from behind.

Rough sex – I love it, so much fun. There are limits, but damn, it can be liberating!