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Salacious Content

Salacious content is full of juicy details.

They’re the kind of raunchy, lusty, dirty
details you probably do/don’t want to hear.

Implying a certain kind of moral looseness,
salacious is often used to describe nasty
gossip, obscene reports and sex-driven stories.

An example of salacious material
is a porn magazine or website.

The tabloids are frequently filled with salacious content.


strong sexual interest or desire.
feelings of lust and lechery.
arousing sexual desire in others.


Lascivious from Simon Bolz on Vimeo.

Lustful, Lecherous, Lascivious


For those of you who aren’t fans
of revenge porn, buckle up because
it’s about to get a whole lot creepier.

Check out the development and rapid public
adoption of AI-generated fake porn.

There’s lots of face-swapping celebrities
onto porn stars and making it look like
those celebs have made salacious sex tapes.

The fake porn era will make fake news look
like the fucking golden age of certitude.

Peeing Fetish

The president ordered prostitutes
to perform golden showers in front
of him while at a hotel in Russia.

‘Golden shower’ is a slang term meaning a stream or shower
of urine especially when directed on to another person.

They’re a subset of fetish coined as watersports,
or more technically called urolagnia, sexual
excitement associated with urine or with urination.

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