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Sex [And the Beat Goes On]

Pubic Hair Fetish. Eager for Sex. Cam Girl.
Mount Me. Bad Bitch. Mature Fuck. Get on Up.
She’s a Great Fuck. The Look of Lust

Men who have sex with men have been cruising
for anonymous pleasure in public spaces for
a long time. Some of the earliest stories of
cruising date back to the 1800s.

Yet while cruising has always been a pivotal
and colourful part of gay subculture, it’s
cloaked in taboo and often left out of the
conversation around the sex lives of gay men.

Men cruise for these encounters in various public
spaces — otherwise known as “beats” — such as a park,
a public toilet or the changing room in a gym

The culture around beats and cruising is far less
prevalent today than it was in decades past.

Local councils have been closing down a lot of public
toilets, and social apps such as Grindr have over 1.1
million online users on a daily basis, many of whom
use it as a vehicle for sex.

With the increased acceptance and visibility of the
gay community and rise in technology that allows
men to find other men for sex with ease, the
future of beat culture and cruising is uncertain.

Pubic Hair Fetish

pubic hair fetish

Eager for Sex

Cam Girl

Mount Me

Bad Bitch

Mature Fuck

Get on Up

She’s a Great Fuck

The Look of Lust

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