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Sex Capitalism Repression

Ideology offers us fake satisfaction.
People are manipulated into serving the
oppressive regime. Their pleasure is replaced
by fulfilling a higher purpose.

It follows that the society is superior to
an individual who is no longer free and has
no control over his/her sexuality.

Capitalism’s ideology operates in an oppressive way.
It represses sexual desire by replacing it with the
desire to accumulate and spend capital.

Sexual pleasure is exchanged for the self-indulgence of shopping.

This implies that pleasure is organised around labour.
Labour produces capital and that is why it is vital
that sexuality must be controlled and even replaced
by products of labour. Leisure time, which essentially
belongs to the private sphere, is sacrificed to capital.

According to Michel Foucault’s analysis, confinement of sexuality in Victorian times marked the beginning of the repression, which was not masterminded by centres of power, but rather occurred within the language.

Sex had been displaced into the seclusion of the parent’s bedroom and had only one function: procreation. Sexual pleasure had become a forbidden topic. The paradoxical consequence of this prohibition was obsession with sexuality.

Far from being solely a private matter, it turned into a public fixation. It was supervised and controlled not only by doctors, teachers and psychiatrists but also by governments in order to actualise their demographic projects.

Sex has become something that’s still practised, but has now become a subject of scientific analysis, surveillance and endless discussion. It has been transformed into a discourse.

Foucault believed that repression was operating within language. It was now under the authority of a discourse that had been carefully expurgated so that it was no longer directly named.

Sex was tracked down, researched and mastered, turning it into a cultural phenomenon, allowing it no obscurity, no ambiguity, no respite.

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Liberation Party!

What’s so wrong with with being sexually liberated?
Is there a link between sexual repression and capitalism?
If we were allowed to indulge our sexual needs,
we would work less, consume less and be less obedient.

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While we no longer hang people for having sex
out of wedlock or clamp spiked rings over the
penises of masturbators, we can still hear
the harpies of morality screeching their anti-sex
agendas from pulpits and campaign platforms across the country.

Sexual repression is nothing new. Many societies
around the world place restrictions on the sex
lives of their citizens.

Often with heavy consequences if anyone deviates
from what is considered acceptable.

Adulterers, unwed lovers, homosexuals, and even
people caught in the act of masturbating have been
institutionalized, tortured, mutilated, or even executed
for committing acts of sexual gratification.

A child who has been taught to believe that sex is dirty
and bad will often mature to become an adult who is
self-conscious about his body and overwhelmed with guilt
when the natural desire to breed arouses him.

Adults who are restricted in their sexual inclinations
will often experience frustration that can result in
either suicidal thoughts or violence towards others.

Societies which have more relaxed legislature over sexual
matters enjoy a lower violent crime rate and are not
often seen butting heads or going to war.

Some bold groups of open-minded individuals stand up
to claim their right to have sex with whomever and
however they’d like but they quickly find themselves
being seen as the poster children for everything wrong in America.

Sexual Non-Liberation – School of Life from Jesse Collett on Vimeo.

Repressive Evangelicals think those disgusting
homosexuals, masturbators, swingers, fetishists,
and fornicators are agents of the devil.

What’s so wrong with with being sexually liberated?
Is there a link between sexual repression and capitalism?
If we were allowed to indulge our sexual needs,
we would work less, consume less and be less obedient.

LIBERATED: THE NEW SEXUAL REVOLUTION | Official Trailer 1 (2017) from Magic Lantern Pictures on Vimeo.

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