Selling Sex

Paying for Sex: Escorts and Hobbyists

Hobbyist: Someone who engages in the hobby (of hiring escorts),
an escort’s client. This term is favored by hobbyists, while law
enforcement usual refers to the same people as “johns”.

Escort: a companion for hire. There is often a sexual
connotation. Words like Hooker or whore are now the
profession’s equivalent of nigger.

Provider: A hobbyist’s term for an erotic escort.
Or sometimes other adult entertainers like massage
parlor girls who provide erotic services.

In the traditional sense, an escort is a person
who may be hired to accompany someone to a social
event as their date.

Over the years, the term ‘escort’ has evolved to mean
an entertainer or companion hired and paid for their
services, which may include sex.

Although often compared to a prostitute, an escort
is not paid to have sex, but for their time and
companionship. Like prostitution, paid escorts have
been around for decades but the industry has boomed
thanks to the internet,

Most websites provided a filter to choose from based
on traits such as age, hair, breast size, height,
rates and services, nationality and whether they are
‘independent’ or ‘verified’, that is, whether they
work for an escort agency or not.

Escort profiles include pictures and a description
of each girl, including information on where they
are from or their ethnicity. Many describe themselves
as “passionate”, “ready to make your XXX dreams come true,”
and “offer an exceptionally sensual girlfriend experience.”

Some escort websites also allow users to leave
a review of the escort, explaining their experience
and services with the girls.

The reviews varied from very happy clients
who left five-star reviews, to others who
shamed and degraded certain escorts.

One review read: “AVOID this escort! She tries
to convince you to just talk, wastes time talking,
leave[s] her phone ringing and even answers calls
and texts in the middle of the meeting!

Her breasts are silicone, not natural as stated
on her profile (…) A total rip-off and waste of time.

She should understand that these are men who
are lonely and cannot easily find a girlfriend.
I will definitely not need her services again.”

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