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Sex Exposed

Porn Stars Exposed

Kayden Kross is one of the great directors in porn.
Her oeuvre is marked by its artistry and ambition,
putting to bed the tired stereotype of porn
filmmaking as a crude, unskilled enterprise.

Kross launched TrenchcoatX, a premium adult video site,
along with the adult performer Stoya [image above].

Provocative Woman

A woman may choose to wear a revealing outfit,
but does that give a man the right to grope
her without permission or invitation?

If he’s too drunk to hold back, it was his
choice to get that drunk. “I couldn’t help myself”
is never an acceptable excuse for sexual harassment.

Can I Admire Your Yoni?

Yoni is a Sanskrit word meaning the womb
and the female organs of generation
such as the vagina, vulva and uterus

Pussy, Yoni, Vagina, Vulva, Cunt, Kitty.

It doesn’t matter what we call it, what matters
is that we men honour and worship every woman’s
pussy as if it were a fucking temple.

Pussy gazing is the supreme compliment.
Just like eye gazing, but instead you
are simply witnessing her pussy.

There’s no need to do anything, simply
gaze and worship her pussy with your eyes.

Pout Those Lips

Pouted Lips from Laura Eileen Lindenmann on Vimeo.

He thrust into me, as my hands moved over his strong
buttocks, his lips moved to my nipples, as I started
to feel sensations… He gently kissed my pouting lips.

Although some claimed to be satirizing the lip-mania,
others were sure full lips signal not only sensuality,
but being excited about having sex.

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