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Women More Adventurous in Bed

Women need to put their pleasure first. You should ask
for what you want and don’t worry too much about whether
he’s having a good time. You’re not there to satisfy him.

We need to reinvent the idea of sex as the exchanging
of intimacy, trust and pleasure, to counteract the
dominant ‘lad’ culture that fails to respect these ideals.

Yes means yes. Sex is about mutual consent and mutual pleasure.

Because the female orgasm is just as important as
the male experience, and it should never be ignored.

Women should come first; it’s totally achievable.

“Bring Me to Orgasm, Man!”

Talking dirty and being sexually adventurous seem to come more naturally to women than men.
They were far more likely to talk dirty and share fantasies with their partners.

Women are more bored in their relationships than men, despite being more sexually satisfied
these days. Women have for so long been constructed as prudes. That isn’t the case.

Many claim boredom in their relationship has led to infidelity. They are keen to try something new to spice up their sex lives.

Swing from a chandelier!
Ride in on a donkey!

We’re only kidding. But stepping just a little bit outside of your comfort zone can bring major results in the bedroom.

1. Be selfish in bed

Have sex like a man. OK, that’s not entirely fair. Have sex like that loser guy you slept with at uni who didn’t care if you came or not. Put your pleasure first, ask for what you want and don’t worry too much about whether he’s having as good a time.

We wouldn’t make a habit of it, but we do think your man will like your selfish turn. “I’ve just got into a relationship with someone who is very vocal about what she wants. A girl who knows what she wants is only half as sexy as a girl who has the guts to say it.

3. Wear something scandalous

“Some women prefer a sexy lingerie set with suspenders. If they’re feeling really daring, we recommend a cupless bra and matching crotchless knickers!”

Just make sure that what you’re wearing is for both of you – feeling itchy and uncomfortable isn’t going to make for memorable sex.

If lingerie isn’t your thing, try a pair of stilettos or red-hot lipstick, instead. It’s like the sexual equivalent of a business suit, getting you in the right mindset.

4. Target your PS-spot

The G-spot is so 20th century! Introducing your PS-spot – the area directly opposite the G-spot, inside the vaginal canal. ‘PS’ stands for ‘perineal sponge’, a nerve-rich erectile tissue that swells during arousal and may appreciate a little manual stimulation.

If your man can be a tad heavy-handed with your clitoris, this is the perfect alternative. My boyfriend stimulated my PS-spot with his fingers during oral sex; it was a seriously intense experience for both of us. He said I’ve never enjoyed a ‘hand job’ from him as much!

5. Watch porn with a partner

Just as sex toys shouldn’t have to be a solo activity, adult films can be a couples’ thing, like watching Strictly together – only naked. ”

Porn can be a great sex toy when shared by two people. Watching together can ignite hot conversations, or simply laughter at the ridiculousness of it all. Just take the time to find something you like.

Women Like to
Experiment in Bed

Women are more experimental in bed.
They’re more likely to talk dirty
and share fantasies with their partners.

Women may enjoy sex with the lights on,
wearing sexy lingerie, having sex in
different areas of the home and using
lubricants, but increasingly want
to go further in the bedroom.


Being sexually adventurous is, perhaps unsurprisingly,
linked to the sexual satisfaction of both partners.

So much so that the more open-minded and repeatedly
adventurous the couple, the longer the relationship lasted.

Women are increasingly bored in their relationships
with men, despite being more sexually satisfied.

More men fake orgasm than previously believed.
As women grow older, they climax more regularly
and with more ‘quality.’

One thing both sexes agree upon is their shared
enjoyment of orgasm but simultaneous climaxes
are far rarer than we think.

Media images show and reinforce
simultaneous orgasm as the best,
ultimate, or ideal way for
sexual experiences to culminate,
and some people agree.

In reality, it’s not, nor does it have to be,
the gold standard. People do not need to strive
for this experience, either. Sexual experiences
and orgasms, no matter when/whether/how they
occur, can give couples amazing pleasure.
Variety can offer even more pleasure.

Some people enjoy being involved in their
partner’s orgasms, rather than focusing on their own.

Hearing, seeing, or feeling their partner’s arousal,
climax, and release can even send some of them over
the edge along with, or right after, them.

CyberSM, The 2nd Experiment, 1993-94 from Kirk Woolford on Vimeo.

Women want sex far more than we’ve been allowed to believe.
This shatters many of our most cherished myths about desire.

Another assumption is that women’s lust is inextricably
bound up with emotional connection. Are men ready to cope
with the reality of heterosexual women’s horniness?
The evidence suggests we aren’t, at least not yet.

When it comes to acknowledging just how much
women lust, we’ve passed the point of no return.

Women want sex just as much as men do, and this
drive is “not, for the most part, sparked or
sustained by emotional intimacy and safety.

When it comes to the craving for sexual variety,
women may be even less well-suited for monogamy than men.

This may be the last nail in the coffin of the old
consensus that women use sex as a means to get
something else they really want, such as enduring
monogamous emotional intimacy and the goods and safety
that come in marriage with a protector and provider.

I Want a Sexually
Experienced Older Woman

Men are attracted to a woman who knows
what it’s all about and is sexually liberated.

The idea of a woman who is knowledgeable and
passionate is exciting to a lot of young men
who are getting more hesitant about interactions
or conditional sexual access from younger women.

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