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Sex: Nothing’s Forbidden

Was it sexual
abuse if I enjoyed it?

Initially, she was molested by
her cousin on three occasions.

But over time, she began to get over her discomfort
and started to associate her cousin’s action with a
kind of anticipation, intimacy and pleasure.

Hand Job Money Shot


Taboo Arousal

Going Down

Does Your Girl Gush?

Teenage Desire
[Forbidden Fruit]

Egon Schiele was thrown in prison,
initially charged with the abduction
and seduction of a minor.

When the case came to court it was his art,
not his actions, that was condemned.

A drawing was even burned by the judge.

There’s no doubt he drew some very
young models among his many nudes.

The subject of his 1910 portrait
Black-haired Nude Girl appears to
be of someone in her early teens.

Sex & Religion in the
Lives of American Teenagers

Americans are deeply ambivalent about teenage sexuality. Many presume that such uneasiness is rooted in religion. This book tackles such questions as: how exactly does religion contribute to the formation of teenagers’ sexual values and actions?

What difference, if any, does religion make in adolescents’ sexual attitudes and behaviors? Are abstinence pledges effective? Who expresses regrets about their sexual activity and why? The book combines analyses of three national surveys with stories drawn from interviews with over 250 teenagers across America.

It reviews how young people learn, and what they know about sex from their parents, schools, peers, and other sources. It examines what experiences teens profess to have had, and how they make sense of these experiences in light of their own identities as religious, moral, and responsible persons. The author’s analysis discovers that religion can and does matter.

forbidden fruit

However, the analysis finds that religious claims are often swamped by other compelling sexual scripts. Particularly interesting is the emergence of what the author calls a “new middle class sexual morality”, which has little to do with a desire for virginity but nevertheless shuns intercourse in order to avoid risks associated with pregnancy and STDs.

And strikingly, evangelical teens aren’t less sexually active than their non-evangelical counterparts, they just tend to feel guiltier about it. In fact, the analysis finds that few religious teens have internalized or are even able to articulate the sexual ethic taught by their denominations.

The only-and largely ineffective-sexual message most religious teens are getting is: “don’t do it until you’re married”. Ultimately, the author concludes, religion may influence adolescent sexual behavior, but it rarely motivates sexual decision making.

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