Casual Sex Decadence

Sex Subverts Society

Sex in Public Lavatories

How about getting it done in an empty public lavatory
when the mood strikes while the two of you are out?
Especially if you’re not ready to call it a night.

Gays Have Been
Doing It for a Century

With a little creativity (and some discretion),
the bathroom can become the scene of your next
steamy shag session. Not to mention, once the
two of you are done, the clean up is convenient.

Contemplation in the Lavatory

For the more cautious, you can relax. Sex
in a public bar or club toilet will likely
just get you kicked out of the place rather than arrested.

If you’re in a cubicle, flip the toilet seat down
and have her place one leg up on top of it
while bracing her hands on the wall.

Hold her at the waist while entering her from behind.
Not only does this position get the job done in a
tight space, but the angle provides extra pleasure
for both of you. Her raised leg will allow for deeper
penetration and better stimulation of the G-spot.

We’re Here to Rouse You

Sex Can under-
-mine Society

Sexual desire threatens society because it doesn’t observe social rules and values. Our erotic imagination subverts notions of what is appropriate behavior.

You don’t need to read through all fifty shades of grey to realize that our erotic imagination includes subversive elements that tend to rebel against what is expected, permissible, and acceptable.

While our social existence depends on our ability to practice restraint, delay gratification, and maintain a broad perspective (think about the future, the kids, etc), erotic experience is preoccupied with the here and now, with what is sensual, not what is sensible.

Features that make for a good and pleasant social existence (equality, order, security, fairness) are a recipe for erotic desolation.

If we imagine a car on the freeway that suddenly decides to follow its own laws we understand why erotic experience is a threat to the social order.

Profound erotic experience and exploration can also be a threat to the stability of our intimate relationships. A lot of us seek a companion for life whom we know well. someone who is stable, equitable, loyal and respectful partner.

Our partner’s role is to help us successfully cope with reality. But in the erotic experience we seek to transcend reality, to buzz at higher voltage.

Knowledge of the other, so helpful in coping with everyday life problems, undercuts the erotic experience that depends on mystery, temptation, revelation, and adventure.

Thus, partners who are stable, known, and predictable are less likely to generate a sense of surprise, mystery, and danger so crucial for a fully felt erotic experience.

Without an element of risk, without access to the dangerous primal forces at the core of our being, it’s difficult to experience a thrilling erotic encounter.

But a dangerous daily life is not exciting but restrictive, repressive, and potentially debilitating. Tension is an unpleasant state in the context of social and marital life. Tension is essential and exciting in the realm of the erotic. Hence the dilemma.

Sexual encounters are often charged with subversive currents. We routinely get an erotic buzz from ‘incorrect’ things like power struggles, manipulation, ambiguity.

Sometimes we sexually crave things that are shunned by our ‘normal’ selves. Pain, submission, bullying, or loss of control are examples.

Monogamy & Capitalism

Sexual abandon remains taboo, despite constant exposure to libidinous images. Are we too embarrassed to talk openly of our sexual needs? Are shame and guilt products of ‘moral’ capitalism?

Sexuality is wrapped in sentimentality and caution to maintain the work ethic. Love masks lust. Promiscuity and the fallen woman.

Capitalism contains women’s sexuality as property to be owned, controlled and used to reinforce productivity and consumerism.

Sexuality remains exclusively defined in masculine terms. Hostility and domination are central to its construction.

Monogamy was essential for the development of industrial capitalism inside the bourgeois structure of gendered property.

The family is an ideological apparatus. It socialises people to think in a way that justifies inequality and encourages people to accept the capitalist system as fair, natural and unchangeable.

The modern nuclear family functions to promote values that ensure the reproduction and maintenance of capitalism.

Its hierarchical structure ensures the young are brought up to respect and obey those in authority. Family comes first.

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