Sex and Seduction

Sex Matters in France

How Do the French View Sex?

The movie’s pitch and background are typical
of Euro arthouse exploitation. A 16-year-old
spends the summer playing wing woman to her
sexually adventurous cousin.

An Easy Girl flaunts a classically
Gallic nonchalance when it comes to sex,

There are no moral hang-ups about sex in France.

Having sex on the first night is not going to
affect anything. You can still marry each other.

There’s no link to morality. In the US
they are good at inventing terms like
marriage material or hook-ups.

Here we have sex because it’s a cool activity.
If something physical is happening, just enjoy it.

Does a man need to woo a French woman into bed?

Too much romance is a waste of time
and builds up unnecessary pressure.
Sex first, get to know each other after.

It’s completely possible to have sex on
the first date with a French girl.

I would never wait for a second date,
that would frustrate me because it would
mean the guy has put up barriers between us.

If you do it right a French
woman will go to bed with you.

Do men have to be adventurous?

The idea that the French are adventurous
lovers compared to the more rigid
missionary position only Anglos still
holds sway in the minds of many.

But be warned against trying to prove them wrong,
at first anyway. If someone tried to spank me
or tie me up on the first night I would be
extremely worried.

We just want to be sure that you are nice
and that you care if we come.
Don’t act like you are in a porno.


What about oral sex?

The pleasure has to be shared. I find it
completely weird that women [from the US or UK]
would give a guy a blow job and get nothing in return.

It’s implying that he should be
rewarded just for speaking to you.
In France you never owe sex to anyone.

Does being faithful matter in France?

French partners will expect you to be faithful
from the start. If there’s a good connection
and you are seeing each other.

That also means deleting your profile from dating sites
and once you’ve stopped using condoms then you
bloody well better not be sleeping around.

Is sex key to a relationship?

If the sex doesn’t work, there’s no way you
want to spend your life with that person.

Some people are completely different.
You wouldn’t go to bed with them all
the time knowing you are going to be disappointed.

I had something like that with a guy. I
just didn’t like his smell, because
I’m extremely sensitive to smell.

What about “ménage a trois”?

Do the French really go in for threesomes? The oldest cliché.

We don’t have as many threesomes and ménages a trois as
much as people think, because of our culture of secrecy.

A double life is hidden, not a threesome! And since our
sex life is so linked with our idea of privacy,
we don’t like to share that much.

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