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Throughout the year, thousands of middle-aged, single
women will pour off planes in holiday resorts, to be
met by countless fit, athletic-looking dark-skinned
young men who will casually approach them, saying: “What a beautiful lady you are. Can I help you?”


Sex, Sun & Sand

The handsome young waiter’s eyes followed Sarah as she walked across the restaurant, and she felt her heart beating faster as he leaned over to place a napkin in her lap.

“At 54, I was unused to the attention of young men, especially a handsome one in his 20s. Our eyes connected as I told myself not to be silly – he couldn’t possibly be interested in me. But I was wrong.”

Sarah Jarvis is 59 and has four grown-up children and four grandchildren.

Attractive, slim and smartly dressed, she has been divorced from her lawyer husband for 15 years, and had resigned herself to a series of uninspiring dates with overweight, balding men of her own age at home in Chester.

But here, on holiday with a girlfriend in the Turkish resort of Dalaman, was the promise of something very different.

For Sarah was about to become one of the many thousands of British women courted by the legions of young foreign men in such tourist hotspots as Turkey, Egypt, Jamaica, the Gambia and Kenya.

This summer, thousands of these middle-aged, single women will pour off the planes, to be met by countless fit, athletic-looking dark-skinned young men who will casually approach them, saying: “What a beautiful lady you are. Can I help you find your hotel?”

What older woman wouldn’t jump at the chance of a harmless sexual fling?

Sarah now realizes how deluded she was during her Turkish fling. She began sleeping with Mohammed, a waiter, almost as soon as they met.

She’s ready to admit she wanted to be deluded. She wanted to believe it was romantic and there was a future together.

“The sex was amazing. Either Mohammed was a very good actor – which is more than possible – or he genuinely enjoyed going to bed with me.

“Imagine what it was like for me, a fifty-something women who felt abandoned, unloved and on the shelf, thinking no man would ever find me attractive again. Here was a beautiful young man with the most incredible, fit body, begging me to go to bed with him.

“Even though alarm bells were ringing, I thought: ‘Why not? What if I never get this opportunity again?’

“He asked me to go for a walk with him when we were in the restaurant. And off we went. He kissed me and before I knew what was happening I was inviting him up to my hotel room.

At 54, Sarah had gone through the menopause and, deciding there was no risk of pregnancy, they didn’t use a condom

“I can now see that this was extremely foolish, as I later discovered Mohammed had slept with hundreds of women. I could have picked up a sexually transmitted disease, not to mention the threat of Aids.”

As they lay together, Mohammed told her he was 22. “For the rest of my holiday we spent most of the time in bed. It must have been awful for my friend, but I didn’t care. I was on cloud nine.

“He would look into my eyes and cry, saying: ‘I want to grow old with you, and I want to take care of you for the rest of my life.’

“When I left him at the airport he was in tears, making me promise to write every day and come back soon. But of course, I came down to earth with a bang, realising it was just a holiday romance.

“I was caught up in the moment but I have no regrets.”

For Fuck’s
Sake! Use a Blanket

Getting sand in all the wrong places can really
obstruct your style and can actually make it
difficult to get it on with your partner.

If even a few grains of sand get on
a man’s penis and up into a woman’s vagina,
it can be painful to have intercourse.

Simple solution. bring a blanket.
Put it down before you get busy.

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