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Sex: We Can Work It Out

Workout Sex

Exercise significantly enhances physiological sexual arousal.
Working out boosts circulation, and the increased blood flow
to your vagina and clitoris can translate into more lubrication.

20 minutes of intense exercise gets
your body ready for passionate sex.
Sex in the locker room, anyone?

Maybe it’s time for all gyms to swap
single-sex communal changing spaces
for gender-neutral facilities.




Sex Burns Calories

Welcome to the wonderful world of
BangFit, an exercise platform
created by Pornhub to fight against
our sedentary lifestyles.

One study found that men burn an average
of 100 calories per session, and women
69 calories. And because sex is so
versatile, you can easily target
different muscles.

We can only imagine if you approach it
with the gusto exemplified in this video,
you will be a raging endorphin beast
in a matter of days.

Workout Sex

I Had Her on the Sofa

Fancy sexual intercourse on the sofa?
I recommend the The Seated Squat

Sofas are usually a bit lower than beds,
giving you an opportunity to try out positions
that might otherwise be difficult to achieve.

If you’re the penetrator, sit on the edge of the couch.
Invite your partner over and have her straddle your legs.

She can then lower herself down on you.
She can put their arms either on your
thighs or on the back of the sofa and use
them to pump herself up and down.”

But don’t make her do all the work. After all,
sex involves two people. This is a team effort.

Don’t be afraid to meet in the middle – you do
your bit and thrust upwards. You may come together.

Sex on the Sofa

sex on the sofa

I had her on the sofa

Masturbating on the Sofa

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