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Sexual Affairs

A French sociologist referred to America’s
“sour and rigid Protestant view” of infidelity as
opposed to the ‘wonderful French way’ of having affairs.

The Anglo-Saxon ‘way’ condemns millions of people
to live frustrated “celibate” lives with their spouses.

She argues that there is such a thing as a
“successful affair” in which both parties
are happier but no one gets hurt.

“Sex is no more a moral issue than eating a good meal.
The fact that we eat most meals at home with spouses
and partners does not preclude eating out in restaurants
to sample different cuisines and ambiences, with friends or colleagues.

Ever since the first cave man married the first cave woman,
no doubt, in a primitive fire-worshipping ceremony,
infidelity has been a problem that’s plagued monogamous
relationships. Coveting another man’s wife is a common
social sin that destabilizes marriages and fragments families.

Apparently, men’s bodies are hard-wired to compete with rival semen.
Some researchers suggest that the ridge of the glans (penis head)
is designed as a semen-displacement device to “scoop” out rival semen during sex.

There are studies that suggest that when a man
is away from his mate for a prolonged period of time,
the volume of semen that he ejaculates into her vagina
increases so as to flush out rival sperm.

Men who see their mates as physically attractive, open
and extroverted [traits that would attract rival sexual
partners] engaged in mate-retention tactics and performed
semen-displacment behaviour.

The mate-retention tactics were verbal and non-verbal and included demeaning the mate (“You’re ugly and nobody wants you …. “), failing to introduce the mate to his friends (“You don’t want to meet her because she’s a bore …. “), giving gifts that symbolize commitment (jewelry), referring to the mate in possessive terms (“You’ll be mine forever …. “), and providing sexual favors (prolonging copulation so as a woman can achieve orgasm).

Additionally, subjects in the study would thrust more vigorously so as to ensure that their semen penetrated more deeply into the vagina and displaced the semen of a rival.

As for semen-displacment behaviour, men who are away from their mates for any significant period of time are likely to copulate as quickly as possible when reunited.

Personal Experience

After waiting a few days, I called Tina, a woman I’d chatted up at a party. I was already planning a method of attack that would culminate in ecstasy: coffee first, lunch next, dinner third and eventually sex time! I was surprised when a man answered.

He gruffly demanded the purpose of my call. He had one of those voices that provokes fear. I sensed that I had made a mistake.

I told him that I wanted to speak with Tina, and that we were supposed to have coffee. He told me that Tina was his wife and that I should go [have sex with myself] and never to call again.

He told me that if I were to call again, then he would trace my number and show up at my place and beat the shit out of me. So much for my road map to ecstasy. I didn’t even get to coffee.

It retrospect, I feel bad about the situation with Tina. I would have never have flirted with Tina or called her home if I knew that she was married. I’m no home-wrecker.
But I also feel bad for Tina’s husband.

He probably faced an onslaught of rival semen. In my mind, he typifies the the jealous husband. He probably can’t even go to the market with peace of mind. And when he returns, he’ll probably feel a strong compulsion to lay Tina on a flat surface and thrust deeply.

Sex Scandals

He was charged with two counts of soliciting
prostitution at a massage parlor tied to an
international human trafficking investigation.

The news was met with titillation on
social media. It raises serious questions
about sex work and human trafficking.

A sex scandal is one involving allegations
or information about possibly immoral
sexual activities being made public.

Sex scandals are often associated with sexual
affairs of film stars, politicians, famous
athletes or others in the public eye.

sex scandal

They become scandals largely because of the prominence
of the person involved, perceptions of hypocrisy on
their part, or the abnormal or non-consensual nature
of their sexuality. A scandal may be based on reality,
the product of false allegations, or a mixture of both.

Sex scandals involving politicians often become
political scandals when there’s an attempt at
a cover-up, or suspicions of illegality.

While some commentators see sex scandals
as irrelevant to politics, particularly
where professional performance isn’t impaired.

One wit views them as not just great fun
but a reminder that we should think twice
before we cede more power to these clowns.

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