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Sexual Arousal [On The Street]

Sultry Look Gorgeous Breasts

From parks and bus stops to our local high streets,
girls are facing verbal and physical harassment every day.

Among girls aged 14 to 21, well over half
have experienced unwanted sexual attention
or harassment in a public place.

Street harassment is widespread, from being
shouted, cat-called and sexual assaults.

It takes place a number of public spaces.
On transport, in bars and clubs, through
online spaces, on university campuses.

To stay safe, young women have to take steps
to avoid being targeted. From not going out
at night to taking longer routes to avoid
dangerous locations.

Teen Girls on the Street

When asked whether they have ever experienced street
harassment, most girls say yes. Twenty-two percent
said they experienced it by the age of 12, and 87
percent by the time they were 19. This may seem
shocking, but in my experience it’s accurate.

In a world that treats women as sexual objects,
while also pushing us to be ashamed of our
sexuality, it is little wonder that we are
vulnerable and confused.

Although we desire to honor strong and sensual
women, what has taken over is only violence
towards these same women.

I’ve been subjected to many forms of street
harassment. There are the leers of older men
that make me feel disgusted in my own body,
or the violent, sexually explicit rants
from unstable street people.

I’m not the only one. I know women who have
obscenities yelled at them from passing cars
or other offensive things said in a public venue.

Even inappropriate looks from strangers can
damage our images as safe, sacred and healthy
women. We need to feel more comfortable outside.

The extreme but not unlikely form of this
harassment is physical. How many times have
you heard about a young student assaulted in
front of her dorm hall, on campus or even in
her own apartment?

Ten percent of undergraduate women experienced
stalking. Nine percent experienced sexual assault.
It’s time young women seized the night.

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