Sex Drive

Sexual Drive: Under The Influence

If a woman was unconscious or severely incapacitated,
everyone would call it rape. But what about sex while
somewhat under the influence of alcohol?

Few people would say that intoxicated sex alone constitutes rape.
Indeed, a high percentage of all customary sexual encounters,
including marital intercourse, probably fall under that definition

sexual fantasy rape

Fully Exposed

Girls May Perform Oral
Sex but Do They Receive It?

Pop Porn

Teen Girl Gives Oral Sex

Let’s Play: Spread Your
Legs for the Gynecologist

spread your legs for the gynecologist

I Love playing doctor and patient. When he asks me to spread my legs, it’s a thrill beyond words.

There’s no greater turn-on for me in the world than spreading my legs for the doctor. Real or play it doesn’t matter. I always end up wet.

I love the phrases “OK, put your legs in the stirrups … now relax and let your knees fall open”. Followed by “can you slide down towards me please”

I love to be told to let my legs fall open or for them to put high and wide in stirrups, the vulnerability when I’m finally exposed… no going back.

I love to hear ‘relax’ too and lots of other types of reassurance. I’ve noticed that women giving birth are sometimes asked to open or spread their legs (using those words). It’s for obvious reasons but the language seems less subtle. I like that too.

I love it when I’m asked to bend my knees up and put my feet together, then that first touch of a gloved lubed finger. Its all I can do to stop me gasping in delight.

Being told to spread your legs is like an encounter in a dark alley at the back of a night club!

Fake Sex

As a woman I feel exploited when I
have to perform fake sex on screen.

It’s grim – it’s the grimmest thing you can do.

You feel exposed. Everyone can make you try to not
feel that way but unfortunately, that’s the reality.

I hate that awful climactic sexual experience
you often see on the cinema screen.

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