High Erotica

Sexual Stimulation


My boyfriend only seems to care about penetrative sex.
My orgasms are more intense from clitoral stimulation.
I’ve mentioned this to him lots of times, He always shrugs it off.

Why Don’t We Do
It in the Road

why don't we do it in the road

Like many young men, your boyfriend probably doesn’t
really have a full understanding of exactly how to
pleasure you clitorally You’ll have to teach him.

She Fondles His Cock

she fondles his cock

He’ll continue to be a selfish lover
unless you let him know what you want.

His inability to simulate you will only
make you more and more resentful.

Have the courage to sweetly ask for what
you need, and reward him when he gets it right.

I Love Labia

i love labia

It always surprises me how many guys are
grossed out by the idea of going down on
a girl and absolutely refuse to do it.

I’m astounded by the hypocrisy. Are you really telling me
you refuse to dive down into some harmless muff? Yet you
expect someone else to navigate your sweat-soaked cock.

Open Wide

I Fucking
Want Her!

Men experience sex as a physical need.
For both both sexes our bodies tell us
when we’re hungry, thirsty or tired.
A man’s body tells him when he needs
sexual release.

I Want to
Possess Her

A woman’s Desire is Responsive

Women need to feel sexually desired before
they’re turned on. So many assume that because
their desire is responsive, rather than
spontaneous, they have ‘low desire’.

Their ability to enjoy sex with their partner
is meaningless if they don’t also feel a
persistent urge for it.

They feel broken because their desire isn’t
what it’s ‘supposed’ to be.

They need a thoughtful exploration of what
creates desire between them and their partners.

This is likely to include confidence in their
bodies, feeling accepted, and (not least)
explicitly erotic stimulation.

I want to possess her

Need for Sex

Sexual desire may be the single most common sexual
event in the lives of men and women.

Sexual desire is a subjective feeling which can
be triggered by both internal and external cues,
and that may or may not result in overt sexual behavior.

Sexual desire can be aroused through imagination and
sexual fantasies, or seeing an individual whom one
finds attractive.

Sexual desire is also created and amplified
through sexual tension, which is caused by
sexual desire that has yet to be consummated.

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